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Here at Tabor College we are excited to offer a virtual visit. While the temporary closing of our physical campus during the COVID-19 outbreak is disappointing, we want students to know we are still open. We want to provide an option to students wanting to visit campus during this time, so we have decided to offer a virtual visit.

What does a Virtual Visit look like?

When you sign up for a virtual visit our Campus Visit Director will arrange a Zoom meeting for you. During the Zoom meeting you will have the opportunity to talk with a professor, admissions counselor, and coach or performing arts staff. You will get a virtual tour of campus as well.

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Virtual Tour

Explore campus by taking our 360 tour!

We are excited about your interest in Tabor College. We invite you to spend time on campus and experience what its like to be a Tabor student, whether you come to one of our campus visit events or an individual visit. Either experience will give you the opportunity to talk with professors and coaches, interact with current students, attend classes, stay in the residence hall, eat in the cafeteria and tour the campus.

Parents Welcome

Parents are welcome to attend. There are opportunities to experience Tabor College through the campus tour, visits with professors and coaches, and meeting Tabor personnel.

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