Are you self-driven and passionate about utilizing your gifts in the world? Our business faculty have one foot in the classroom and the industry, developing the tools to cultivate your passions.

In our program, you’ll develop an entrepreneurial mindset and critical thinking skills through instruction and experience, both inside and outside the classroom. Business at Tabor prepares you for professional excellence and a Christ-centered foundation as you fulfill your calling. At Tabor, you can choose one of several concentrations to equip you for limitless opportunities.

Why Business at Tabor?

  • We want to train a generation of stewards for God’s kingdom. Stewardship embodies servant leadership, professional business knowledge, analytical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Along with your professors, you can learn from industry experts through lectures, internships, field experience, guest faculty, and community partnerships.
  • Work alongside businesses and participate in Tabor’s chapter of DECA, helping leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. 
  • All business majors have the opportunity to do internships or travel abroad to work and/or study in an international setting.

Next Steps

Alumni Spotlight

Emily Metcalf (g’07)

Director of Financial Analysis, INVISTA

“I found the environment at Tabor to be a tight-knit community where people come together to learn and grow both professionally and personally. The small class size at Tabor allowed me to get a more individualized education and facilitated professors to take a special interest in each student. This not only allowed me o recognize my own individual skillset but also helped me realize what I was passionate about.

Career Opportunities

  • Accountant
  • Auditing
  • Banking
  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Marketing Research
  • Organizational Management
  • Recreation Director
  • Sport Management Professional
  • Agribusiness Management or Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Not-For-Profit Administration
  • Business Management


  • Accounting/Finance                                     
  • Entrepreneurship                            
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management                                                  
  • Marketing                                        
  • Sports Marketing & Management


  • Accounting
  • Accounting CPA
  • Business
  • Global Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
Course Lists

Program Highlights

  • Understand how academic theory and procedure tie into everyday business skills and in the business environment.
  • After graduating, complete your M.B.A through Tabor in just one year.
  • Faculty will connect you with the local community and alumni throughout the year, sharing their experience and how it can help cultivate your career.
  • We host an annual week of business and a career fair that brings a variety of businesses to campus and help you network and hone your interview skills.

Business Faculty