Message from the Campus Pastor

16294411756_cfb3795057_zMy hope is that your time here at Tabor would help you realize that each of us is called to put our faith into action through the ministry service opportunities God places before you.  Every Christian is called to play a significant role in building God’s Kingdom, but each person’s ministry is different, and unique. Often it does not look like the ministry of pastors, or missionaries, some ministries may seem “common” and “ordinary” on the outside. Students, teachers, nurses, artists, construction workers and businessmen willing to be used by God in their everyday lives to influence others for Christ are all examples of ministries in action. The Kingdom of God needs all kinds of ministers who do different kinds of work. My hope is that your time at Tabor will equip you to find what your ministry looks like and how to pursue it wholeheartedly. So come, Be Equipped and discover what ministry Christ is calling you to be a part of!

-Ryan Lee


16320351305_5fdd754f0c_zThe Tabor College chapel program is designed to encourage the Tabor community to Be Transformed into intentional & thoughtful followers of Jesus. We create an environment that helps facilitate Christian spiritual growth through times of worship and hearing a message. That message can come in the form of testimonies from fellow students, guest speakers, readings, or our campus pastor Ryan Lee. Our hope is that students will be able to grasp the transforming love of God in their lives through their time in chapel.

Chapel Podcasts

Underground: Men’s Ministry

Underground is a place where men attending Tabor, regardless of where they are in their faith, can come and Be Encouraged to go deeper in their relationship with Christ. Our hope is that together we may grow into more Godly men as we learn from the Bible and each other. Our time together is causal and can include singing, short teaching times, student testimonials, prayer, guest speakers and fellowship. We meet regularly in the basement of the historic church on Monday evenings at 9 p.m. We also add in fun activity nights here and there. Sometimes we go play Frisbee, kickball, or go out to the lake for a barbecue!

EVE to EVE: Women’s Ministry:

Eve to Eve 2Eve to Eve is a women’s ministry on Tabor campus, for women, to encourage, share, and challenge each other into a deeper relationship with The Lord and each other! All ladies of Tabor college are welcome to come!

Eve to Eve meets together every Monday night at 9 for a big group time. Our monthly routine has consisted of the first Monday as video night. Second Monday is sharing night (typically have a speaker come in). The third Monday is filling up (night of encouragement, prayer, sharing, journaling, crafts, etc). The fourth Monday is pouring out (service project, making goodies, writing cards, chalking the sdewalks, etc). Fifth Mondays are special Mondays (bowling, picnics, etc).Eve to Eve 1

Each woman is also placed in a small group that will meet at least once through out the week. Small groups are intended to create an atmosphere of digging deeper in a community setting where vulnerability and accountability can be practiced in love. Be Connected on a more personal level with other women on campus by building a community that is committed to praying for and encouraging one another. Each group has a leader to facilitate the time together and give some structure.




Student Testimonies

Wells KatKaitlyn Wells: (Senior – Arlington, TX)

As a child, Christ was the center of my life. Growing up, though, He became less and less a part of me. I pursued a life without Christ throughout high school and felt completely lost. Tabor College contacted me for soccer and I agreed to a visit. I made my decision within 1 month to attend Tabor and expected my life to change. I learned, however, that I needed to work for change. Luckily, I was in the perfect place for it. Surrounded by supportive friends, I gave my life to Christ and continue to strive to be more like Him.


Courtney Schmidt: (Senior – Brookville, KS)Reed Courtney

Since coming to Tabor, God has provided in enriching my spiritual life through the community found on campus. From Bible studies and small groups to times of just hanging out with good friends, God has shown me the importance of being in community with fellow believers to build one up in their faith, in order that others can be reached out to and welcomed into the same community.


Nelson David

David Nelson: (Senior – Hillsboro, KS)

Here at Tabor College, God has really worked in my life. He has shown me glimpses of what my future may hold and it excites me! Philippians 4:13 has been the bible verse that reassures me that God is always with me and with him I will always be able to conquer any obstacles that try and hold me back from what he has planned for me!



Keith Francis: (Alum ’05 – Jacksonville, FL)Francis Keith

Since my stay here at Tabor College I have been surrounded by a wealth of spiritual leadership and knowledge. It has been an interesting experience learning about God and seeing how Religious people deal with the meandering twists of everyday life. A verse that I have grown to love while being here at Tabor is Philippians 4:6-8. This Verse has proven true time and time again, no matter how hard or bleak things may look If you pray to God and confide all your hearts desires in Him He will make a way for you; it may not be what you thought but His way is ALWAYS better than your way!