Ashley Siler travels to AfricaTabor’s Interterm offers a variety of travel/study trips. From Haiti to India to Western Europe-the Carson Center for Global Education has a trip for you!

Explore and learn about tropical biology in Belize or put your education major to work in Haiti. Visit the Holy Lands in Israel and Jordan while experiencing the many cultures of ancient cities. Highlights include Petra in Jordan, Nazareth,
Bethlehem, and the Old City of Jerusalem.

India and Peru/Columbia are mission based trip that focus on how Tabor College students travel to Bolivia during Intertermmissions are completed. Students work with local Bible colleges and churches to learn how to do ministry in another culture.

Through the Western Europe trip, students will visit the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Vatican City. Points of interest will include castles, ancient ruins, monastic villages, and much more!

Immerse yourself in the culture of Southeast Asia while traveling through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The emphasis of the trip is to increase awareness and sensitivity of these Asian cultures. Highlights of the trip will include the rich history of Southeast Asia, the arts, and the religions of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Confucianism.

If Interterm is not a good time for you to travel, you may want to learn about micro-business in the Dominican Republic during spring break. New spring break trips are being planned for 2016-2017 including China and Turkey!

Travel/study opportunities vary from year to year. Contact the Carson Center for Global Education for information about upcoming trips at

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