Message from the President

Greetings from Tabor College!

This spring I will start my tenth year as President of Tabor College. Each year I have witnessed God’s grace and blessing on our students and on this campus. I’ve seen academic program growth and innovation, I’ve seen our arts department flourish, and I’ve seen more than a few championship trophies added to our displays. God has done great things at Tabor and I am blessed and humbled by his good works.

Each new year I enjoy spending time in reflection. I look at what God has done over the last year and listen for his direction on the next. As I reflect on His blessings, I am reminded that as we prepare people for a life of learning, work, and service for Christ and His kingdom, God is pleased.

If you are new to Tabor, this is a wonderful place and I invite you to explore our mission and values. Tabor’s strong academic tradition is constantly reflected through our graduates as they serve all over the world in positions of influence and high capacity. Athletics and arts enhance students’ education and create additional opportunities for them to engage in campus life. We are constantly innovating in academics, the arts, athletics, and on our campus as new facilities are built to fulfill the needs of students.

I am continually humbled by the accomplishments of our students, alumni, and faculty and it brings me joy to continue the mission of Tabor College into 2017.

With joy,

President Jules Glanzer

Inauguration of Dr. Jules Glanzer 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is charged by the owners of Tabor College – the churches of the Central, Southern, Latin American and North Carolina district conferences of the U.S. Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches – to assure that the mission of the college is being fulfilled, to establish policies which will guide the faculty and staff in providing programs and services, to appoint a chief executive (president) to implement their policies and manage programs and to monitor the effectiveness of all programs and services.

In carrying out these responsibilities, the Board of Directors meets at least three times per year. They work in committees to monitor the affairs of the college, receive reports from the president regarding the operations of the college and evaluate the performance of the president. These meetings assure that the mission of Tabor College is being fulfilled and the policies are being properly administered.

The Board of Directors members include:

  • David Karber – Chair
  • Diana Raugust – Vice Chair
  • Theodore Faszer – Secretary
  • Brent Kroeker – Treasurer
  • Darrell Driggers – Executive At Large
  • Craig Ratzlaff – Executive At Large
  • Loren Balzer – Executive At Large
  • Jose Cabrera
  • Roger Ediger
  • Rick Eshbaugh
  • Jeral Gross
  • Mark Jost
  • Kelly Kirby
  • Jerry Kliewer
  • MIke Kleiber
  • Susan Koslowsky
  • Lisa Kroeker
  • Bill Loewen
  • Nate Loewen
  • Riley Loewen – Student Representative
  • Dean Nachtigall
  • Jeff Nikkel
  • Deborah Penner – Faculty Representative
  • Dennis Penner
  • Elaine Setzer-Maxwell
  • Tim Sullivan
  • Wilbur Unrau
  • Richard Unruh

Board Emeritus Members:

  • Harold Franz
  • Monroe Funk
  • Richard Gramza
  • Lee Jost
  • Loretta Jost
  • Dr. Vernon Kliewer
  • Bryan Kroeker
  • Elaine Kroeker
  • Joyce Loewen
  • Rolando Mireles
  • Nick Rempel
  • Virgil Thiessen
  • David Wiebe