The Carson Center Concentration gives tangible credit to Tabor’s core
vision of a globally relevant education. It gives skill validation for outgoing
students from any academic department who qualify for its reception.
The CCGE Concentration marks the students who attain it with a higher
level of global engagement in terms of depth and breadth than the general
student population.

Qualifications for the Concentration:

• Language and Communication Component:

• 6 credits of a Foreign Language or a Proficiency Test

• Intercultural Communications (CO 201)

• Global Engagement Classes

• Global Engagement in Perspective (TC 290/490)

• Global Discipleship (TC 390)

• Upper level (300 – 400) International Course

• Choose an approved International Engagement course in your major or minor. Examples: PS 350; SO 355; EN 316; HI 353; BA 345; RS 348; BA 442. (See the Carson Center Director for more information on qualifying courses.)

• IAE Abroad Experience ( IAE Trip, Semester Study Abroad, or Internship Abroad)

• International Focused Departmental Capstone Project.