The 113th Commencement of Tabor College


Saturday, May 6, 2023
Shari Flaming Center for the Arts, Richert Auditorium

Commencement Exercise, 10 a.m.


Commencement Live Stream

“The Ascent & Descent” at Tabor College


Tabor College Commencement Graduate Processional

All undergraduate students will be required to reserve tickets for their friends and families to attend. Tickets can only be reserved by graduates with their student login information at after April 1, 2023. Ticket reservations will close on April 28, 2023.  A minimum of six tickets will be available to each student if a reservation is made. More tickets may become available depending on the number of graduates. This information will be communicated to seniors in the spring. A form will be released to request additional tickets if made available. Those extra tickets will be distributed the week before Commencement after ticket reservations have been closed. If no reservation is made, students will be limited to two tickets and waitlisted tickets (if available). There will also be a non-ticketed livestream available in the Franz Family Heritage Lobby, which also sits inside the Shari Flaming Center for the Arts.

Parking & MapsTabor College campus map

There are several ADA-accessible parking spaces in the lot just north of the facility. These spaces will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Other parking lots on campus also have ADA-accessible spaces.  Golf cart shuttles will be available on the day of Commencement to aid those who need extra help from their parking spot. A downloadable map of Tabor College is also available.



Ceremony Photography

Tabor College will have professional photographers throughout the Shari Flaming Center for the Arts. This includes, but is not limited to, diplomas (on-stage & backstage portrait), and the processional and recessional. Those photographs will be available to families within a week of Commencement. All photographs will be made available via Flickr and are free of charge. Families may also take photos behind the stanchioned areas in the Richert Auditorium.


Browse photos from the 112th Commencement of Tabor College!

Undergraduate Exercise

Graduate Commencement Exercise

Undergraduate & Graduate portraits

Senior Checklist

Have you filled out your Intent to Graduate application or purchased your regalia? Visit the Senior Checklist to make sure your list is complete ahead of Commencement!

Tabor College Commencement and diplomas

Special Accommodations

Graduates need to inform the Registrar’s Office of any special needs they have so proper arrangements can be made to cross the stage and participate in the processional and recessional.  Please email Assistant Registrar Kaitlyn Rempel,, before April 20, 2023, with any accommodation requests.

Degree Applications

An application for a degree must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office at least six weeks before the date that the degree is to be conferred. The links below provide you with the forms you will need to apply for a degree:

When will I get my diploma?

Degrees will be conferred and diplomas will be issued to students upon completion of their degree requirements and after approval by the Tabor faculty and Board of Directors in May, October, or December. Students who have all degree requirements completed by Commencement will receive their diplomas shortly after the Commencement ceremony. A lost or misplaced diploma can be re-ordered by Requesting a Diploma from the Tabor registrar’s office and paying a $25 fee.

Significance of Undergraduate Processional

Tabor Undergraduate Processional

When students arrive on campus for their freshman year, they participate in a ceremony around the Centennial Plaza. Designed and dedicated in 2008, it represents the centrality of Christ to the Tabor College community. Just to the side of the cross, a kneeling servant is facing away from the cross representing the desire to be servants of Christ, reaching out to the world that is lost.  Students are then taken from the Centennial Plaza and processed across the lawn towards the signature H.W. Lohrenz Administration Building, which is one of our original buildings (built in 1920). The students are then taken up the stairs between the “columns of wisdom” and through the front doors into the halls of learning to begin their years as scholars at Tabor.   Four years later, these same students have completed their learning and are now ready to be sent back into the world.  So, to lead into their graduation ceremony, the graduates depart the Lohrenz and the halls of learning and move down the stairs, returning to the Centennial Plaza. It is where they are symbolically released back into the world to go and be Christ-like servants to a hurting world and help make the world more like God intended it to be.



Commencement exercises are held once a year in May, but degrees can be conferred at other times. Students who have completed all degree requirements are encouraged to participate in Commencement. In addition, students who have obtained a 2.0 GPA and who have no more than 12 hours of deficiencies may participate in Commencement provided they have an approved plan to complete all requirements and are enrolled at Tabor to complete those requirements during the subsequent summer or fall term.