Ministry Quest to become Faith Front

In July 2016, Ministry Quest, Tabor’s current leadership program for high school youth, will become Faith Front. Over the past four years, Tabor has operated Ministry Quest, which the college acquired from Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary in 2011. Tabor’s vision to adopt MQ, and commitment to continue the program, clearly demonstrated the college’s passion for youth leadership development. This new youth theology institute project will greatly enhance our vision for youth leadership development. The core values and best practices of MQ will remain in the new program and the best of MQ will be incorporated into Faith Front.

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To transform lives through the power of a call. Our desire is to cultivate an ecology of calling by: partnering with the local church; inviting young people to explore God’s call through community, mentoring relationships and dynamic learning experiences; and releasing them back to their congregations better prepared for future Christian leadership.


Ministry Quest is a year-long, two-stage program for high school students ages 16-18 who are curious about exploring God’s call and their potential for ministry and leadership. The first stage, Charting Your Course, opens with a retreat. It includes 13 mentoring sessions with a leader from your home church and three ministry observations. The second stage, Setting Your Sail, includes 13 more mentoring sessions, various leadership/gift inventories, a leadership project and a closing retreat.


The Ministry Quest retreats, held in the summer, “bookend” the year-long program. In the first retreat MQers focus on their calling and what it means to be a Christian leader in today’s world. The second retreat reflects on their gifts and talents, and considers ways in which they can live out God’s call on their lives.


During the year, MQers will be connected with a mentor from their home church selected by the student and their youth pastor or pastor. The mentoring meetings occur about twice a month (26 total). Ministry Quest provides a basic curriculum that focuses on their growth in Christ and understanding who they are as leaders.

Leadership Project

As a way of “giving back,” MQers will complete a leadership project in their home church or local community. They will assess current needs, evaluate resources, then organize, plan and direct a program or event designed to meet a specific local need.

Students – An Invitation to Explore God’s Call

Pastors & Mentors

Parents – An Invitation to Bless

Mission, Vision & Values

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Leadership Project Application

Leadership Project Summary and Debrief

Mission Project Application

Life Story Form

Call Story Reflections

Pre-Retreat Reflection

Mentoring Progress Report

Mission Project Summary and Debrief

Ministry Observation Reflections

Ministry Quest Retreat Check In


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A program of Tabor College in partnership with the USMB Conference.