About Our Program

Our degree programs emphasize empirical methods and conceptual analysis, as well as specific research skills relevant to many types of jobs and further professional training. Because history is constantly unfolding as new documents are discovered and our own worldview changes, you will acquire a keen appreciation for the complexity of the discipline as you also develop your own ideas about the past. In the history department, you will learn to think critically, use historical evidence to support your viewpoint and write convincingly about history. By doing this, you will be prepared to contribute actively in both the professional and academic worlds and to influence the world in globally relevant ways.

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Success Story

Amanda FaberAmanda Faber

(2012 graduate)

Amanda Faber graduated from KU law in 2016. She was admitted to the bar that summer and then worked as an assistant county attorney in Butler County from September 2016 through the end of 2018. She started as an assistant county attorney in McPherson County early in 2019.

“My experience at Tabor has played a direct role in my success in law school. Because of the small class sizes and the individualized attention from professors, Tabor forced me to learn how to prepare for class and to interact with professors – both in the classroom and out of the classroom. The Christian education I received at Tabor fully prepared me academically for the rigors of law school. Perhaps even more importantly, Tabor challenged me to think about how I can ‘speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.’ (Proverbs 31:8) That challenge encouraged me to pursue a career that I both enjoy and that I can use to serve others.”


History & Political Science Areas of Study

  • History
  • History Teaching
  • International Studies
  • Pre-Law
  • Political Science
  • Integrated Media

Career Opportunities

  • Teaching
  • Law
  • Political Work/Government
  • Museum Studies
  • Library Science
  • Non-Profits
  • International Relations/Diplomacy

Why History & Political Science at Tabor?

  • You will have an opportunity to pursue an excellent education in history with a decidedly Christian and globally relevant focus.
  • Faculty have published/presented at the regional and national level in the field of history.
  • Faculty prepare students to pursue careers in history, government, law, museum studies, library science, policy/non-profit work and education.
  • Students can participate in missions and educational trips, both domestically and abroad–in Europe, India, Haiti, South America, Asia, Dominican Republic, the Middle East and in a variety of cities across the United States.

History & Political Science Faculty