Study the past to help inform the future.

Tabor College professors will help you think critically and use historical evidence to support your viewpoints and prepare detailed work for your degree pursuits. You will learn to contribute and influence the professional and academic world as history continues to unfold.

Why History at Tabor?

  • Explore history within a vibrant Christian community of scholars and students who strive to understand the past and apply it to the present for the glory of God.
  • Pair a passion for history and education to teach in secondary education.
  • Graduates are prepared for teaching, international relations, law school, or graduate school.
  • Pursue a career in history with a decidedly Christian and globally relevant focus.

Next Steps

Alumni Spotlight

Amanda Faber (g’12)

Deputy County Attorney, McPherson County District Attorney’s Office

Amanda (Faber) Dort

“Going into law school your first year, classmates talk about how well they were prepared for school– if they were able to handle the work, or if it was a big adjustment. I had friends and classmates who felt like the transition was a big change from what they had been expected to do in college. It wasn’t so much for me. That speaks highly of Tabor and how they prepare students. Even now, alums of Tabor have been helpful in my career by offering their advice or assistance when I need it.

Career Opportunities

  • History in Secondary Education
  • Politics/Government
  • Law
  • Museum Studies
  • Library Science
  • Non-Profits
  • International Relations/Diplomacy


  • History
  • Secondary Education (History / Government)


  • History
  • Political Science
Course Lists

Program Highlights

  • Faculty have published/presented at the regional and national level in the field of history.
  • Students can participate in missions and education trips, both domestically and abroad—in Europe, India, Haiti, South American, Asia, the Dominican Republic, the Middle East, and in a variety of cities across the United States.
  • Our degree programs emphasize empirical methods and conceptual analysis, as well as specific research skills relevant to many types of jobs and further professional training.
  • Present original research at academic conferences, fully funded by the history department.


History Faculty