Community is more than just a word at Tabor College, it’s a way of life. It happens in the dorms daily through late-night talks, movie marathons, uncontrollable laughter, and new friendships. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, the housing options at Tabor College are geared toward building community and making lasting memories.

Rooms are selected on a first come, first serve basis. Once admitted, a deposit and housing form is needed to make things official and set you up in your home away from home. Housing options include: Men’s and Women’s Quads for all students, Harms and Dakota halls for Sophomore, Junior and Senior men, and Townhouses and Themed Houses for Juniors and Seniors.

Additional Housing Information

Fun Facts and Tips:

  • Unlike most colleges, Tabor College freshman can bring a car with them and parking is FREE for all students
  • Save your quarters! Here at Tabor College you can do your laundry FREE of charge. Just don’t forget to bring your detergent
  • WiFi is free and accessible everywhere on campus

For more information, email student life at studentlife@tabor.edu.


diningBuilding community, working on homework, and participating in activities can really make you hungry! Our cafeteria staff is here to take care of your appetite. Tabor College offers a variety of dining options and an UNLIMITED meal plan. With a cafeteria that is open all day, you are sure to find one, two, or three delicious entrees to enjoy. Don’t have time to sit and eat? Courtside Grill features delicious food to enjoy when you are on the go. We have themed meals, gluten free options, ice cream bar, rotisserie chicken, and even student appreciation meals. Whether it’s community or food you’re craving, come prepared to BE SERVED.

If you can’t wait till you’re a student to enjoy our food, set up a visit and come try it today! It’s delicious!

Fun Fact:

  • Did you know we roast 300 chickens a week?

Student Activities

playFrom Christ-centered academics, music to athletics, theater to ministry and missions, Tabor College offers so many ways for you to BE INVOLVED. With over 30 student clubs and organizations to be a part of, we are certain you will find a way to fill your time with meaningful events, life changing experiences and, most importantly, memories. Perhaps you will find yourself leading worship during student led activities, or auditioning for the spring play. Ever covered your body in blue paint? We do it all the time! Cheering on our fellow classmates during sporting events is one of our favorite things to do. Here are some other things life may hold for you as a Bluejay.

Campus Ministry Council (CMC) directs and coordinates student ministries

Fellowship for Christian Athletes (FCA)

Wichita Urban Ministry Plunge (WUMP)

Zero Men’s Ministry

Eve to Eve

Women’s Mentoring

Share, Prayer, and Dare (SP&D)

Student Activities Board (SAB) plans and coordinates social events for the year

Open Mic Night

Mr. Tabor Pageant


Sadie Hawkins Weekend

These events and others are planned 2-3 times a month

Other groups include:

Student Senate

Business Club

Math Club

Students of Color Alliance

Science Club

Social Work Club

Multi-cultural Student Union (MSU)


Campus Newspaper – The View

Challenging, Helping and Understanding Kids through Mentorship (CHUMS)