Through the generosity of donors, Tabor College students may receive a combination of Merit, Participation, and other additional scholarships. The four exceptions are the four stand-alone scholarships: H.W. Lohrenz Honors, Tabor 20, Kansas Ad Astra Grant, and Non-Kansas Ad Astra Grant.

Financial assistance is not limited to Tabor scholarships. Click to learn more about

Endowed Scholarships
Federal or State Aid
Veterans/Dependents Benefits.

Students receive scholarships that are determined when they enroll at Tabor for the first time. Scholarship amounts may vary in future years, but a student’s scholarships are based on their first term of attendance. Opportunities to apply for additional endowed scholarships are typically available in future years.

NOTE: This does NOT apply to endowed scholarships.

2024-25 Freshman Stand-Alone Scholarships

ScholarshipAnnual AmountOption I/Requirements
H.W. Lohrenz Honors Scholarship $35,000GPA 3.50 AND ACT 30 + OR SAT 1360
4 awarded each year
J.E and L.E. Mabee Foundation Endowed Scholarship$30,000 Minimum 3.0 GPA; must be a full-time student, a resident of Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Missouri, Kansas, or Arkansas
Tabor 20 $29,500up to 20 awarded to Mennonite Brethren students

2024-25 Freshman & Transfer Stand-Alone Scholarships

ScholarshipAnnual AmountOption I/Requirements
Kansas Ad Astra Grant
(Full Pell Eligible from Kansas)
$36,350Submit FAFSA by April 1
Pell, Supplemental Educational Opportunity, Kansas Comprehensive Grants included in scholarship amount, gain admission to the college
Non-Kansas Ad Astra Grant
(Full Pell Eligible from outside of Kansas)
$31,350Submit FAFSA by April 1
Pell, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants included in the scholarship amount

NOTE: Non-Tabor Aid and Student-Earning Potential are the ONLY categories of scholarships that can be combined with any stand-alone scholarship.

2024-25 Freshman Merit Scholarships

(Choose one)

ScholarshipAnnual AmountOption I/Requirements
Premier Scholarship$16,000GPA 3.75+ OR ACT 27 + OR SAT 1260+
Dean’s Scholarship$14,000GPA 3.5+ OR ACT 24+ OR SAT 1160+
Achievement Scholarship$12,000GPA 3.25+ OR ACT 22+ OR SAT 1100+
Opportunity Grant $8,000GPA 2.75+ OR ACT 20+ OR SAT 1030+

2024-25 Transfer Merit Scholarships

(Choose one)

ScholarshipAnnual AmountCumulative GPA Requirement
Premier$14,0003.5 or higher
Dean’s$12,0003.0 or higher
Achievement$9,0002.75 or higher
Opportunity Grant$7,0002.5 or higher

2024-25 Participation Scholarships

(Choose one)

ScholarshipFR/Transfers?Annual AmountRequirements
AthleticBothTBDRecommended by Coach. Visit Athletics to learn more.
Performing ArtsBoth$4,000-$10,000Recommended by Performing Arts Director. Visit Performing Arts to learn more.
Academic (by department)Both$4,000-$10,000Recommended by Department Faculty. Visit Undergraduate to learn more.
Campus Leadership GrantBoth$4,000-$10,000Pursue campus leadership opportunities in student government, campus ministries, and clubs.
Campus Improvement GrantBoth$4,000-$10,000Work with maintenance (paid or volunteer) in landscaping/gardening, custodial, or facility maintenance, 45/hrs semester.
Carson Center Global Engagement GrantBoth$4,000-$10,000Participation in Carson Center Fellowship Program.
Community Service GrantBoth$4,000-$10,000Volunteer in community or church, 45/hrs semester.
Entrepreneurship GrantBoth$4,000-$10,000Entrepreneurship minor or explore starting a business.
Honors ScholarshipBoth$4,000-$10,000Participation in Honors Program, 3.5+ GPA required.
International Missionary
Family Grant
Both$4,000-$10,000Students whose parents are full-time international Christian missionaries and have lived outside the USA for 3 of 4 years
AWANA Citation AwardBoth$2,500-$7,500Students who achieved certain levels of AWANA, visit to learn more.
Legacy GrantBoth$4,000-$10,000Child or grandchild of a Tabor graduate
Christian High School GrantFreshman only$4,000-$10,000Students who attended a Christian High School for 3 of 4 years
Home School GrantFreshman only$4,000-$10,000Students who were homeschooled for 3 of 4 years

2024-25 Additional Scholarships

(Choose one)

Scholarship/GrantsFR/Transfers?Annual AmountRequirements
Mennonite GrantBoth$600A member of a Mennonite or Mennonite Brethren church
National Merit ScholarshipBoth$2,000Open to National Merit finalists

2024-25 Add-Ons

(add-on after you enroll)

Scholarship/GrantsFR/Transfers?Annual AmountRequirements
Performing Arts ParticipationBoth$500
Cannot be combined with Performing Arts Scholarship, determined base on acceptance and full participation in arts ensemble or major theatre performance
Church Matching GrantBoth$700/year
Match up to the semester maximum from your home church

2024-25 Add-Ons

(Choose one if applicable)

Scholarship/GrantsFR/Transfers?Annual AmountRequirements
International Student GrantBoth$1,000Permanent residence outside of the United States
Phi Theta Kappa ScholarshipTransfer only$1,200Members of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Hesston College GrantTransfer only$1,000Transfer from Hesston College with 30 or more units

2024-25 Add-Ons

(Need-based aid)

Scholarship/GrantsFR/Transfers?Annual AmountRequirements
Tabor GrantBothVariableBased on need- includes endowed scholarships

2024-25 Non-Tabor Aid

(Can be added to stand-alone or stacked scholarships)

Scholarship/GrantsFR/Transfers?Annual AmountRequirements
PELL GrantBothup to $7,395/yearbased on FAFSA results
Supplemental Educational Opportunity GrantBothup to $1,000/yearbased on FAFSA results
Kansas Comprehensive Grant Bothup to $5,000/yearbased on FAFSA results
Teach Grant Federal Bothup to $3,772/yearEducation majors who qualify, click here.
Kansas Teacher Service ScholarshipBothup to $5,830/yearEducation majors who qualify, click here.
Work StudyBothup to $1,500/yearStudents who qualify, click here.
LoansBothup to $9,500must file FAFSA
Kroeker Tuition AssistanceBoth$2,000/yearstudents whose parents are members of the following Oklahoma churches:
Crosspoint Church (Enid, Okla.)
Grace Mennonite Church (Enid, Okla.)

Fairview MB Church (Fairview, Okla.)
New Hopedale Mennonite Church (Meno, Okla.)
Outside ScholarshipsBothvariabledependent on what outside scholarships students bring to Tabor College

Student Earning Potential

Job(s)FR/Transfers?Money Available
Summer Job (on your own)Bothapprox. $4,800
40 hrs x 12 weeks at $10 = $4,800
Academic Year Job (on or off-campus, on your own)Bothapprox. $2,175
10 hrs x 12 weeks at $7.25 = $2,175

Scholarship Search Websites

Native American Scholarships

Many tribes fund scholarships for college-bound members. A list of offices can be found at