Theatre Scholarship Form

Tabor College Theatre scholarships are available for incoming freshmen and transfer students who have completed an audition and/or interview for Tabor Theatre faculty. Please see our Theatre Scholarship Requirements page for more information on audition dates.

These scholarships are offered to majors and non-majors alike and are renewable yearly provided scholarship requirements are met. Depending on the scholarship, requirements could include auditioning for shows and acting in shows, serving on various production crews, designing for season productions, taking theatre courses, participating in meetings, master classes and workshops, auditioning/interviewing for productions, and completing an annual end-of-the-year jury and portfolio review for majors.

Application Procedure

    1. Complete the Theatre Scholarship Form.
    2. Incoming freshmen: submit your high school transcript and official ACT or SAT scores to Tabor College Admissions. Transfer students: submit all college transcripts.
    3. For those interested in performance: Attend an on-campus Audition Day and perform an audition, attend any number of our off-campus audition dates, submit video recordings via Acceptd. For students interested in being seen on campus who are unable to attend our On-Campus audition date, please email Director of Theatre, Lauren Carlton, to schedule an audition no less than two weeks before your expected visit. Audition requirements are listed on our Audition & Scholarship page.
    4. For those interested in design/tech: Attend an on-campus Audition Day and interview with a theatre faculty member, interview at one of our off-campus dates, or e-mail Technical Director, Austin Harleson at to schedule an interview via Skype. Interview information is listed on our Theatre Scholarship Requirements page.
    5. To schedule an audition or ask questions about the application process, contact Lauren Carlton, Director of Theatre, at laurencarlton@tabor.eduor (620) 947-3121 ext. 1132.
    6. Submit Theatre Scholarship Form by February 1, 2021 for Priority Consideration. April 1, 2021 for Final Consideration.
    7.  All students who would like to register for the On-Campus Audition & Interview date on February 27, 2021 are encouraged to e-mail Lauren Carlton to register for the event by February 1, 2021.

Theatre Scholarship Application

  • Personal Information

  • For high school students, if you use an address affiliated through your school, we recommend using a different email address since those accounts are usually terminated after graduation.
  • Type NA if not applicable
  • Type NA if not applicable
  • Experience and Knowledge