Performing Arts Scholarship Guidelines

Auditions can be scheduled as part of any campus visit.  Simply request one when scheduling your visit or it can be scheduled separately by contacting the professor(s) in your performance area(s).  Applications are accepted year-round, though auditions and interviews should be completed by May to ensure faculty can meet with you.

Music Scholarship Audition Form

Guidelines for Performance Areas

Scholarships for music performance are available for incoming students who wish to participate in music ensembles as either a music major or a non-major.  Scholarships are renewable each year when participation requirements are met (continual enrollment in assigned ensemble).  Additional requirements for private study may also be applied to those who receive an additional Exceptional Scholarship for high performance ability.

Audition Procedure for Voice Scholarship

  1. Complete the Music Scholarship Application Form.
  2. The vocalist will prepare two songs with at least one song from the Classical repertoire. The other may be from a contrasting genre such as musical theatre, popular, contemporary Christian, folk song or jazz.
  3. Please bring copies of the printed music to your audition.
  4. A pianist will be provided for you upon request.

Audition Procedure for Instrumental Scholarship

  1. Complete the Music Scholarship Application Form.
  2. The instrumentalist will perform a variety of instrumental scales and exercises to demonstrate range, tone quality and flexibility. The warm-up exercise will explore both low and high extremes of the instrumentalist’s playing range.
  3. The instrumentalist will sight-read a variety of short four measure melodic passages to demonstrate note reading, rhythmic and general musical understanding of melodic line and phrasing.
  4. Either a prepared solo or the playing of sections of music from their current school band folders. If a prepared solo is performed as part of the audition, repertoire suitable for music festival/contest is preferred. An accompanist is available for the audition upon request.

Note: A prepared solo is required for those auditioning as an instrumental music major. A prepared solo is not required for those auditioning for only a participation scholarship.

Audition Procedure for Piano Scholarship

  1. Complete the Music Scholarship Application Form.
  2. The pianist will perform two pieces or movements from contrasting style periods (Baroque, Classic, Romantic, 20/21st Century).  It is preferred that at least one of these be memorized.
  3. The pianist will play technical exercises including scales and chord progressions and arpeggios.

Audition Procedure for Contemporary Christian Music Scholarship

  1. Complete the online Music Scholarship Application Form
  2. Complete the online Contemporary Christian Music Application Form.
  3. Submit an online CCM reference request.
  4. Complete an interview with the CCM Faculty.
  5. Play and/or sing a prepared worship song.
  6. In the event of a virtual interview/campus visit, submit a video of you playing/singing a song of your choice.

Audition Procedure for Theatre Scholarship

Theatre Scholarships are available for incoming students who have contributed significantly to theatre arts, or demonstrate the potential to do so, whether onstage or behind the scenes. Scholarships are renewable each year when participation requirements are met (acting in shows and/or working on a crew, stage managing, etc.) Additional requirements include taking at least two theatre courses and participating in occasional company activities.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the Theatre Scholarship Application Form.
  2. Incoming freshmen: submit your high school transcript and official ACT or SAT scores to Tabor College Admissions, if you have not already. Transfer students: submit all college transcripts.
  3. For those primarily interested in acting: Schedule an in-person audition or submit a recorded audition (mailed DVD or emailed link to YouTube, Vimeo, or other host site).
  4. For those primarily interested in technical theater, design, directing, writing, or management: Schedule an in-person or phone interview. Applicants are encouraged to submit any materials that demonstrate experience and capabilities, such as drawings, photos of completed work, prompt books, or other examples. Digital files or hard copies are accepted.

Audition Guidelines

  1. Perform a prepared, memorized monologue, 1-2 minutes in length.
  2. If desired, also perform a short selection (about 16 bars) of a song that demonstrates your skill. (Musical ability is not a primary consideration for awarding scholarships.)
  3. Submit a resume that lists performances you have acted in, and a recent photo.