What We Do 

The Tabor College Music Preparatory School prepares young musicians for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Students can enroll in group lessons where they develop their musicianship alongside their friends or explore their individual abilities through engaging one-on-one instruction with our experienced, energetic faculty. The Prep School is proud to offer instruction in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Woodwinds, and Brass.

Why Study Music?

Research has found that music lessons reinforce language arts comprehension and improve spatial awareness and brain function. Music helps children develop life skills such as discipline and dedication. 

In addition to the numerous non-musical benefits that music lessons afford, Tabor Prep School students discover how fun it is to share music with their friends and family throughout the year. They develop greater confidence and self-reliance through realizing what they are capable of achieving. They unknowingly pave an avenue for artistic self-expression that will continue to serve them well beyond their study.

Connect With Us

For more information, contact Dr. Sheila Litke, NCTM, Director at 620.947.3121 ext. 1406 or sheilal@tabor.edu.

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Music Preparatory School Faculty