What We Do 

The Tabor College Music Preparatory School is designed to enrich and cultivate a lifelong appreciation of music by providing quality instruction to community students of all ages and abilities. Founded in 2002 as an extension of the Tabor Music Department, the Music Preparatory School has established itself as a source of quality music instruction for students throughout Marion County and beyond.

Why Study Music?

Research has found that music lessons reinforce language arts comprehension and improve spatial awareness and brain function. Music helps children develop life skills such as discipline and dedication. 

In addition to the numerous non-musical benefits that music lessons afford, Music Preparatory School students discover how fun it is to share music with their friends and family throughout the year. They develop greater confidence and self-reliance through realizing what they can achieve. They unknowingly pave an avenue for artistic self-expression that will continue to serve them well beyond their study.

Private Lessons

All lessons take place in the Tabor College Wohlgemuth Music Education Center. Private lessons are 30 minutes in length and lessons are available in Piano, Kindermusik, Voice, Flute, Trumpet, and others.


Powerful learning through musical play, join the leader in early childhood music development!

Music gives the brain a complete workout, and research tells us the earlier we put all the brain to work at once, the better. That’s where Kindermusik comes in– we provide joyful, engaging activities to promote school readiness, lifelong learners, and a more confident, kinder generation of kids.

Family Time
Mondays, 6-6:45 p.m.

Bring a world of singing, dancing, exploring, and playing instruments to your whole family. Children develop active listening, turn-taking, and social skills, as well as fine– and gross motor skills. Parents get tips and ideas for extending the learning and fun at home throughout the week.

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Student Teachers

We’re pleased to have two student teachers working with us in 2023-24!

Olivia Jury
Olivia Jury
Malieah Bartel
Maleiah Bartel

Connect With Us

For more information, contact Dr. Sheila Litke, NCTM, Director at 620.947.3121 ext. 1406 or sheilal@tabor.edu.

Music Preparatory School Faculty & Staff

Sheila Litke

Sheila Litke, D.M.A.

Professor of Piano / Department Chair, Performing and Visual Art / Music Preparatory School Director