Tabor’s M.B.A. provides superior graduate-level education. Offered in an accelerated format, the degree is designed for working professionals, and upon completion of your degree, you will possess the appropriate knowledge, practical skills, and professional abilities necessary to fill executive leadership and administrative positions throughout the industry. Integrating biblically-based teaching is designed to equip graduates with a foundation for developing ethics, values, and character.

Pick an Emphasis

The M.B.A. has four emphases:

  • Leadership
  • Global Sports Leadership
  • Sports Management & Leadership
  • Healthcare Leadership (coming January 2025!)

Eighteen credit hours comprise the six core classes: Managerial Accounting & Finance, Managerial Economics, HR Management in a Global Environment, Strategic Marketing, Case Studies in Strategic Management, and M.B.A Capstone Seminar. Each emphasis also carries an additional 18 credit hours which are listed below.

  • Two-year program
  • 36 credit hours
  • Fully online
  • Core classes:

    Case Studies in Ethical Leadership, Leadership Foundations (Studies & Theory), Operations & Service Management, Leadership Practices, Learning Orgs & Change Management, Leadership Strategies, MBA Capstone Seminar

Global Sports Leadership
  • One-year program
  • 36 credit hours
  • Hybrid, includes international trip
  • Core classes:

    Culture and Ethics of Sport, Applied Sports Leadership, Fundamentals of Sport Business, Concepts and Principles of Sport Management, Service in Sport Leadership, MBA Capstone Seminar

Healthcare Leadership
  • Two-year program, starting January 2025
  • 36 credit hours
  • Fully online
  • Core classes:

    Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare, Healthcare Leadership and Business Operations, Healthcare Policy and Administration, Healthcare Finance, Data Analysis and Decision-Making, Healthcare Internship Capstone

Sport Management & Leadership
  • Two-year program
  • 36 credit hours
  • Hybrid format
  • Core classes:

    Culture and Ethics of Sport, Fundamentals of Sport Business, Concepts & Principles of Sport Management, Applied Sport Leadership, Performance Psychology in Sport Organizations, Service in Sport Leadership, MBA Capstone Seminar

Alumni Spotlight

Kallie Cathcart

Assistant Controller, Owl Services Inc.
Fort Worth, Texas

Kallie Cathcart, a graduate of Tabor College and its masters program

“With Tabor College’s program, the online platform makes it doable as a full-time employee. The program also had set due dates so I could plan out my week, space out the work, and manage my time better. The availability of the professors is a big part of the degree. Because of Tabor and its values, some amazing professors have walked with us and are flexible when ‘life happens. Every class had spiritual life discussions, allowing me to see how to further bring my faith into my life. Having your faith integrated reminds you that God is at the center, Tabor carries an awesome program, and it’s a blessing to be able to walk through that and incorporate it into everyday life.” 

Why Tabor?

  • The degree requires 36 credit hours and is delivered in either a hybrid or online format.
  • All instruction is Christ-centered and taught by qualified faculty.
  • Each course is designed to be completed in seven weeks.
  • Personalized attention is provided with small class sizes.

Our promise to students:

  • To provide an education that encourages you to place Christ at the center and be challenged to pursue excellence.
  • When you complete your degree, you will be equipped to make the world a better place, helping you discern your career as a calling to partner with Christ and His kingdom.
  • To support you on each step of your journey.

Program Overview

  • We incorporate traditional and emerging social and organizational theories, practices, policies, and technologies that support collaboration, foster innovation, and promote strategic thinking.
  • Develop leadership focused on the highest Christian ethical standards.
  • Transfer up to two applicable graduate courses completed at other accredited universities and colleges.
  • Tabor is accredited and provides access to federal student loans for those who qualify. Discounted scholarships are also available to Tabor alumni.

M.B.A. Application Requirements

  • An official transcript showing a conferred bachelor’s degree from a nationally accredited program.
  • An overall cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.7 and 3.0 in the last 60 hours of undergraduate work. Students may petition for probationary status if their cumulative GPA is below 2.7.
  • International students must take the TOEFL (minimum score of 560) before being considered for admission.
  • All applicants must submit an online application for admission, official transcripts from each college attended, three reference letters, a goal statement, and a resume.

Program Cost

Beginning Spring & Summer 2024

  • $21,000 ($583/hour)
  • Price per term: $3,500
  • Semester/terms: 6

Global Sports Leadership only

  • $21,000 ($583/hour)
  • Price per term: $7,000
  • Semester/terms: 3
  • The cost includes an international trip