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  • For reporting purposes only. Not used for admissions decisions.
  • Church Grants

    If applying for a Church Matching Grant, please provide the following information.
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  • Education

    Please list all post-secondary educational institutions you have enrolled in or attended, including vo-tech, community college, business or technical schools, etc. Please note that an OFFICIAL transcript from the Registrar's Office of each school must be submitted to Tabor College Wichita Admissions in order for this application to be fully processed.
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    Person to contact in the event of an emergency
  • Reference Information

    In the event that you would not fully meet the admissions criteria of your program of choice, please list two references that may be contacted in the event of an admissions' appeal. These references must be in one of the following categories: a former instructor, a current or former pastor or a current/recent employer. For nursing students, one of the references must be from a former nursing teacher or a current or former employer who employed the student as Registered Nurse.
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