Slipping and Sliding Through Week Four

A sheet of ice covered the city of Hillsboro this week. The frozen wonderland was beautiful, but it left the Tabor campus slick and dangerous. It’s quite a miracle that I haven’t fallen yet; I’ve witnessed a few students crash while skating across the sidewalk. One of the best comments that I’ve heard about the ice is that the after-chapel rush to lunch looked like March of the Penguins!

Not only was I trying to stay upright this week on the ice, but also with all of the responsibilities. My homework was mainly studying for tests. I had three tests in a row to worry about and prepare for, as well as a paper to write. I’m sure that it’s been worse, but I still felt drained trying to do it all. But I took each test as it came, and I was glad that I only felt nervous about one of the three upon walking out of the classroom. The other two went well, which boosted my confidence slightly.

Another worry through this week was the decision to apply for a Resident Assistant position for next year. I was not even considering applying until one of my current RA friends approached me about it Tuesday. I felt that this could be a great opportunity to serve Jesus and others, but there was one drawback that made me wrestle with the decision. If I were an RA next year, I would lose my roommate because I would have to be in a single room. I struggled to weigh the pros and cons, but my time was short because the applications were due Thursday. However, after much prayer and Godly counsel, I decided that the chance to serve was greater than the sadness of not rooming with my best friend, so I applied for the position.

This week was a slippery slope of ice and worry, but thankfully, I didn’t fall on either of them. Taking baby steps and trusting God’s plans were essential in making the most of my week. I feel peaceful now, and I hope to stay that way for a while!


Stay Taboriffic!