Jessica Garcia on TREK for MB Mission

Philip in the Philippines

I can’t believe the month of January came and went so fast. There are so many wonderful things happening here in the Philippines and I’d like to share some of those with you. This month we dedicated a lot of … Continued


Finishing Well

  This phrase is not original with me. I own a book with this title and I’ve heard it referred to many times throughout my life. But perhaps this phrase never means as much as when we are brought face-to-face … Continued

Christmas in Baguio

Christmas Caroling in the Philippines

Greetings and Happy New Year! What a great month December was. We’ve found ourselves busier than usual and even though we are tired we’re so thankful for all the things we’ve taken part in. This past month Timo and Juliana … Continued

Montgomery Ward Catalog

The Christmas I Got Everything I Wanted

As a young child I grew up in Western New York. My father, a pastor, went there when I was four years old to start a new church. In addition to pastoring the church, he worked full-time at Montgomery Ward. … Continued



They were all she had left of her father. A few pieces of pottery, shaped by his hands on the potter’s wheel. It was all that remained of his life of nearly eighty years. Every piece had been glazed with … Continued

Wendell Loewen

I Would Cling to My Calling

Youth ministry has its highs and lows, but it’s mostly a grind. We often find ourselves asking the proverbial question, “So, why do I keep doing this?” It’s an important question, because unsatisfying answers lead to a sense of meaninglessness and … Continued

BSN pinning ceremony

Top Five Reasons to Earn a BSN Degree

There’s no getting around the fact that nurses care for patients that have increasingly complex conditions that require excellent technical and critical thinking skills. Nursing, like what you see on TV, is not what nursing is really all about. Real … Continued

Online degrees offered at Tabor College

Online Degree Programs: Five Keys To Success

  It’s September and the school year has just begun. If you’re an adult who is returning to college, you know that today’s hyper-competitive marketplace demands cutting edge skills and up-to-date knowledge to remain valuable to employers. A record number … Continued

Interterm at Angkor Wat

Interterm 2015 – Southeast Asia Trip

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Many hours of traveling later our group landed in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. My first impression was the massive amount of people everywhere. You step outside of the airport and are greeted by the … Continued