My Abundant Life of Meetings, Sleep, and Questions

One meeting after another fills my current life. Between wrapping up things for this year or making plans for next, I am constantly convening with others. Responsibilities, group projects and preparations for the coming year have dominated my days. However busy my days have been, I’m so glad that my homework load has continued to be light. I’ve been basking in the extra free time, but I’m also preparing myself, knowing that next week will bring some assignments and- you guessed it- more meetings.

Life has been great not only because of the lack of homework, but also because my 8a.m. has been cancelled every day this week! I haven’t had classes until 12p.m. Tuesday and Thursday and 2:15p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday! It has been a wonderful, sleep-filled week, but this good thing must end. The weather has been gorgeous, leading to more time spent in my hammock and throwing around the football. Unfortunately, this good thing is also predicted to end Saturday, with cold weather wishing to return.

My relationship with my friend group has changed slightly. Lately, it seems like everyone in the group has been down on life which affects my mood. Our meals spent together lack happiness and interest and have increased in complaining and negativity. I have begun to wonder if this group will be the group that I will stay with throughout my college years. I’ve been told before that freshman friends sometimes don’t last, and I have been questioning if the saying is true for me. Next year, we will be living in different places, so that will be a big test. Since the group makes me more melancholy at meals, I have been sitting with different people at dinner for the past few days to enjoy other company. I’m hoping that my little experiment will help me keep my joy and bring me more friends!

Stay Taboriffic!