“Jesus looked at them and said . . . ‘with God all things are possible.’ ” Matthew 19:26

“I never expected to attend college; next year, I’ll be the first in my family to graduate!”

Irene Delarosa, Junior, Wichita, KS.

God uses people along the way to direct paths and crush obstacles that make the unimaginable a reality. In Irene’s case it was Tabor soccer coach Ian Thompson, who recruited her and her best friend, saying, “God is talking to you Irene!” God’s direction was clear.

Enrolling as a first generation college student is one thing. Persisting to graduation is another given the many obstacles they have to overcome. For Irene and for other first generational students to be successful, they need a compelling life-transforming college experience. Students that come to Tabor:

  • Experience caring faculty.
  • Receive free textbooks.
  • Engage in activities, clubs and organizations.
  • Have access to tutoring and academic student services.
  • Are encouraged to place Christ at the center of all they do.
  • Establish lifelong relationships.

At Tabor, every student receives a scholarship, and the textbooks are provided free. The Tabor Fund provides scholarships and textbooks to students like Irene to assist with their educational costs so they can succeed. Being assured of books and receiving a scholarship goes a long way in overcoming the obstacles.

We need your support to raise $365,000 for textbooks for Irene and the other 500+ Tabor students. Will you make a generous contribution today? Thanks for considering this opportunity to make a difference by contributing a generous year-end, tax-deductible gift before December 31.


Tom Shaw, Ed.D
Vice President of Advancement

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