The Tabor 'Top 10' for 2019

As we come to the end of 2019, we wanted to reflect on all activities, events and hard work that allowed our students and campus to shine.


1. Completed new business model.

After four years of conversation, we completed a new student value proposition and mission margin formula


2. Issued the Tabor Promise clarifying our identity as a Christian college.

  • Place Christ at the center of all you do
  • Pursue excellence in everything
  • Prepared for the real world
  • Aware of your place in God’s Kingdom


3. Created a Tabor Advantage providing compelling and unique reasons to attend Tabor.

  • Career as a calling
  • Double major in four years
  • Complete a degree in three years
  • Learn and practice leadership
  • All-inclusive pricing


4. Redesigned our curriculum with a Vocation and Values lens embedding career services readiness


5. Received gift and began construction of the Shari Flaming Welcome Center.


6. Gained financial stability with the success of TaborNOW, budget readjustments, and finishing the fiscal year without additional borrowing as we had anticipated.


7. Continued to experience the generosity of our donors contributing over $4.7 million.


8. Women’s basketball went to NAIA National Tournament for sixth consecutive year by winning KCAC regular-season and post-season tournament.


9. Completed the First JayDay of Giving with over $70,000 raised.


10. Began addressing our student housing with a task force completing a plan, and Student Housing Council appointed to replace and upgrade all our housing.




In addition to the top 10, here are more highlights for 2019!

  • Restructured academic affairs into three schools (Liberal Arts Studies, Professional Studies, Graduate Studies) reflecting our historic mission.
  • Relocated online and graduate programs to Hillsboro campus, locating them in the former MB Foundation building.
  • Launched a comprehensive set of retention initiatives.
  • Hosted the first annual Tabor Performing Arts Concert Series.
  • Upgraded live streaming for athletic competitions to include slow motion and instant replay.
  • Choir sang at Carnegie Hall.
  • Announced and launched the Tabor20 Scholarship attracting more students from MB churches.
  • Entered into a partnership with Growing Leaders and our Student Athlete Leadership Team.
  • Began comprehensive energy-saving program.
  • Installed a hammock village by Lohrenz Administration Building.