Spring Graduates honored

Commencement ceremonies at Tabor have typically allowed for outdoor gatherings in the Joel H. Wiens football stadium, with a variety of possible weather considerations depending on the year.  Last year’s threatening skies prompted a return to an indoor event for the 109th Tabor College commencement on Saturday, May 18, 2019.  Good foresight protected the crowd of over 1300 people from a downpour near the end of the awarding of diplomas. 

This year, regardless of weather conditions, but rather COVID-19 factors, commencement ceremonies are postponed until Homecoming, October 11, 2020.  However, the conferral of degrees occurred on May 23 through virtual means by the authority of the President of Tabor College, Dr. Jules Glanzer.  This awarding of degrees allows graduates to obtain transcripts for graduate and medical school, as well as for employment purposes.

The 130 graduates who received degrees (19 from School of Liberal Arts, 88 from School Professional Studies, and 23 from School of Graduate Studies) come from 20 states and 3 countries.  Their photos and profiles are provided.

Reflecting on the importance of the event in the lives of each student and their families, President Jules Glanzer expressed deep appreciation for the graduates and all that they have accomplished and contributed while students at Tabor. “Congratulations Class of 2020. Four years ago when you entered college, little did you know that it would end without the celebrative events and rituals that go with graduating from college. Thank you for choosing Tabor and for allowing us to be a part of your life.”   

Academic dean Frank Johnson noted, “Recent memory has no recollection of students finishing their college careers as we have done. I truly salute every graduate who has fought through and finished well. I look forward to greeting each of you in October when we have our commencement.”  All students finished the Spring term taking online classes which is a first in Tabor’s 112-year history.

President Glanzer emphasized, “I hope that all the graduates will return for the full Commencement experience on October 11. Every graduate should have the opportunity ‘to walk’ across the stage. We want to honor and celebrate with them in a meaningful way their accomplishments. The rich traditions and student awards will be celebrated and announced at that time.”   He went on to express to the Class of 2020, “May the risen Christ go with you, above you to watch over you, beneath you to lift you up, besides you to encourage you, and within you to give you peace.”