Presidential Cabinet begins work in 2022-23

After President David Janzen’s first year, he sought opportunities to bring more voices to the table. After personnel changes within his administration, his Cabinet was officially installed.

Joined by 10 others from around campus, the group brings key positions to the Executive Conference Room in the Shari Flaming Welcome Center to gauge feedback from around campus.

“Being able to increase communication and representation in decision-making will only strengthen Tabor College,” Janzen said. “The 11 members of the Cabinet are ‘all in’ on our mission, vision, and values, building upon what God is doing in the lives of our students.”

The Cabinet has played a vital role in multiple initiatives throughout the fall semester.

As Tabor builds upon its increased GPA requirements, a more diverse and expansive list of scholarships has been made available to incoming freshmen or transfers. That includes the creation of the Ad Astra Scholarship. It is designed to communicate a simple, affordable price for students with the highest financial need. It was inspired by the Kansas state motto, “Ad Astra per Aspera.”

A wide range of interest and experience-based scholarships were added to the options of arts and athletics in hopes of helping every student see how they can fit at Tabor.

“The Cabinet analyzed these new options, touching their areas of expertise, and were able to make improvements to what we offer,” the president said.

Janzen credited the Business Office, Financial Aid, and Admissions teams for speaking about how the scholarships would be administered and budgeted. He also said the messaging, created and designed by the Communications Office, and delivered through multiple networks will help Tabor recruit the “whole” student.

The Cabinet, recognizing a growing number of undergraduate students who continue into the M.B.A and M.Ed. programs, decided to allow these students to continue to live in the dorms when space is available.

“Even though these are primarily online, we’ve seen students who desire to remain in Hillsboro, so they can participate in arts or athletics,” Janzen said.

In support of our residence hall construction, the Cabinet members have helped source additional funding to close the remaining funds of the Mabee Challenge Grant. They continue to seek new donors, building upon a record-breaking year of giving in 2021-22.