#JaysRiseUp: How has Tabor impacted students, faculty, staff, and alumni?

We’re so excited to share this day with you! How did God help you rise up through your time at Tabor? We would love to hear your memories as a Bluejay and how they equipped you in your life and career. Using the hashtag #JaysRiseUp, tell us your story and it could be featured on our social media pages. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

“My experience as a Tabor student has helped me rise up as a Tabor employee. I grew so much in my faith as a student, and it has been amazing to watch the Lord work in and around me throughout my years of working here. I had so many great professors who poured into me and they helped build my confidence that I could succeed in the professional world. I’m so thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to work here!”

Kaitlyn Rempel, (g’17), Assistant Registrar

“As an education professor here at Tabor, my job is to mentor student teachers and help them rise up to the level that they can be in the schools they’ll work in. As Christ followers, we’re called to be the salt and light to the world.”

Dr. Sarah Tham, Assistant Professor of Education

“Tabor has helped me to rise up because of the community. With smaller class sizes, we dive deep into relationships and we practice discipleship together on campus. It has been really important for me and for a lot of others to have people on campus that pour into us as we dive deep together.”

Toby Penner (g’22)

“My journey to Tabor is what has made my job so gratifying. About six years ago, my wife and I waited to see what God had in store for us after selling our business. Nine months went by before I received a call from Tabor that brought me here to serve. I feel fulfilled and completely content knowing that this is where I am supposed to be. I have an amazingly talented team that’s like a family. I am glad I get to work with them and I’m fortunate to be here to serve with them.”

Terry Ens, Director of Facility Operations

“Whether it’s in church, school, or their career, we want to see our students help people rise up against the challenges they’re facing… I get excited and passionate when I think about our students going into the world and making a difference in their communities.”

Jim Paulus, Assistant Professor of Psychology

“As I look toward graduating and my career, Tabor has helped me rise up to the challenge of finding my own voice and building on my foundation in Christ.”

“Spiritually, Tabor has created opportunities for us to get plugged in on campus… now that we’ve taken those steps, we can grow in those moments and also pour into others.”

Abigail (g’22, top quote) and Millie (g’23, bottom quote) Sechrist
Miriam Kliewer

“God has called me into more than a position or a job. He has called me to a position of service. He has called me into the mission field that is Tabor College. I see my work as rising up in doing what God has called me to do.”

Miriam Kliewer, Executive Assistant to the President
Ishmael Morris

“My time at Tabor served as a baseline as I transitioned into being a fully responsible citizen of society. I was taught through classes and thousands of interactions how to prepare my heart openly for the Lord to use me in any way, at any time. My story could be anyone’s story and is likely a similar story for many. We aren’t perfect, but never forget to run the race only for the ultimate prize.”– Ishmael Morris (g’13)

Ishmael Morris (g’13)

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