Crist, Rader nominated for Kansas Teacher of Promise Award

Kylie Crist (left) and Lindsay Rader (right)

Kylie Crist (g’22) and Lindsay Rader (g’22) have been named 2022 Kansas Teacher of Promise Award nominees by the Tabor College Education Department.

Crist, teaching at Oakley Elementary School in Oakley, Kan., and Rader, teaching at Beech Elementary School in Wichita, Kan., will be honored by the Kansas State Department of Education on Sunday, Sept. 25.

“We nominated Lindsay and Kylie because both have the potential to be great teachers,” the Tabor College Education Department said. “Lindsay and Kylie have chosen to be licensed teachers in Kansas, and they have both secured teaching positions in Kansas.¬†Through their pre-service courses and clinical experiences, they both exhibited exemplary performance in becoming great teachers who will provide engaging learning experiences for their students.¬†We are confident that these two first-year teachers will continue to grow and learn as they work in their classrooms. Along the way, we will continue to support them through their triumphs and challenges.”