Central Kansas Entrepreneurship Center to host Kansas Ice House Entrepreneurship Program

Central Kansas Entrepreneurship Center

HILLSBORO, Kan.— The cities of Hillsboro and Marion have partnered with NetWork Kansas to host the Kansas Ice House Entrepreneurship Program, a five-week class to develop entrepreneurial skills for business and life. This program, Think Like an Entrepreneur, is led by Tabor College professor of business administration, entrepreneur, and author Dr. Melinda Rangel. Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings, Oct. 18-Nov. 15, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at the Marion Community Building. The cost of the program, including dinner, is $50 per person but a $25 rebate is offered to those who attend at least four of the five class sessions. All are welcome to register for the program by contacting Hillsboro City Administrator Matt Stiles via email, at mstiles@cityofhillsboro.net, or by phone at 620-947-3162.

Melinda Rangel
Dr. Melinda Rangel, associate professor of business administration

The Kansas Ice House Entrepreneurship Program is for entrepreneurs and problem solvers seeking to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. The program develops entrepreneurial skills like critical thinking, risk assessment, problem-solving, and more. Each class time includes live presentations, video interviews, case studies, and a time of discussion to learn and apply the concepts presented. This class also offers time for personal goal setting and development along with networking opportunities for community problem solvers and entrepreneurs.

“Being an entrepreneur does not mean you must start a new business,” Rangel said. “It could mean that you start a venture; however, being an entrepreneur is more about finding solutions to problems. It’s that mindset that the Ice House training will focus on during our 5 weeks together. I look forward to learning about this mindset shift together and discussing ways we can look for and solve problems.”

The Nov. 15 class will be held in Hillsboro and will include a tour of the Central Kansas Entrepreneurship Center (CKEC) at Tabor College. The CKEC offers guidance and resources on entrepreneurship for Marion County residents interested in starting and growing a business.