Sleepless Nights and New Traditions: Hanging on to Freshman Year

As May begins, a shocking realization that less than 10 days remain of my freshman year struck me. There’s no way that every year of college can go by this fast, right? Because if so, I feel like I could blink and miss it.

I have been all sorts of topsy-turvy this week. Four consecutive days in a row at the end of last week, I stayed up much later into the night than I typically do, causing exhaustion and consumption of countless cups of coffee. The realization of my semester coming to an end motivated me to make the most of what I have left. However much my sleep schedule suffered from my choices, I believe it was worth it. I spent those nights with my friends making super fun memories. We played games late into the night, went to half-priced appetizers at Applebee’s, and made a 2am McDonald’s run after watching Infinity War. Because of the lack of quality sleep, I felt disoriented every day until yesterday (Wednesday) when I finally slept enough.

This week is full of big projects and papers that are due, so it wasn’t a particularly good time to be disoriented. I haven’t felt confident in any assignment that I have turned since Monday, but I apparently had nothing to worry about. Twice, I received verbal affirmation from my professors that my work was excellent! Talk about a miracle! Though I apparently did well under the pressure, I typically worry too much to wait until the last possible second. I don’t plan on repeating the process if I can help it, especially with finals closing in!

In the history of Tabor College, the band program has never had a drumline. Now, with the purchase of the necessary equipment, the entire band is taking up a drum and learning to play! With only three rehearsals under our belt, I have to say, we’re picking it up quickly! President Glanzer wants to hear us play, so we will put on a little concert for the Board of Directors tomorrow. I’m so excited for our band program and the progress it’s made. I hope that the drumline will become a new normal through my time here and beyond! I’m honored to be part of the pioneering team as only a freshman.


Stay Taboriffic!