Academic Convocation Starts Year at Tabor

Jules Glanzer Academic Convo 2019Tabor College students, faculty and staff opened the year with the 2019 Academic Convocation in the Shari Flaming Center for the Arts building on August 26.

Academic Convocation serves as one of the signature markers of the academic year. This gathering invites students to join the faculty in a “life of the mind.” Faculty are honored for their years of preparation and giving themselves away to students and enriching the Academy. Senior Vice President of Academics, Dr. Frank Johnson noted that, “It is my desire that students answer the call and embrace their studies such that they can be world changers as a result.”

Tabor College President Dr. Jules Glanzer welcomed students to the new school year and honored recipients of key presidential leadership and academic scholarships.  In his opening remarks he encouraged all students to capitalize on the opportunity to love God with all their minds, be transformed by the renewing of their minds, set their minds on things above, and to think on things that are true, right, noble and pure (Philippians 4:8).

Assistant Professor of Social Work and Social Work Program Director Dr. Lara Vanderhoof presented the faculty address titled “Developing Habits for the Life and Mind: Dr. V’s Top Ten List.”  She noted that “When engaged in life of the mind activities, you develop and discover the world and God and how he creates and provides avenues for each of us to gain skills, knowledge and abilities.”

Vanderhoof concluded with, “Your heart and mind can be transformed and renewed today. I pray that each of us take the time to develop habits for the life and mind that is centered on God’s Kingdom, not our own.”