Computer Proficiency

Tabor College Wichita Computer Proficiency Assessment


Complete each section below carefully following the directions as listed in each section.

The examples that need to be downloaded are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not already have the free Adobe Acrobat reader, it may be downloaded for free at

Microsoft Word Competency

Download the letter below and print it out. Then type the letter into Microsoft Word following the directions on this page.

Click here for letter to be typed

Make certain that you duplicate the letter following these directions:
  • Font: Times New Roman 12 point
  • There are 3 blank lines after the Date
  • Check Spelling and also proof-read final copy.
  • Watch Capitals and line spacing:
  • 2 Spaces at the end of each sentence.
  • 1 Blank line after each paragraph
  • 3 Blank lines after “Sincerely”
  • At the end of the letter type in (Your Name)
  • SAVE as (Your Name) Competency Exam

    click here for basic training topics and tutorials on Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Excel Competency

Recreate the budget spreadsheet

Click here for the spreadsheet example

Make sure to:

  • use the same column headings
  • use formulas to calculate totals and subtotals Totals for each month should use the SUM function Quarterly totals should automatically add the totals from each month in the quarter 1st Half Totals should add the two Quarter totals
  • widen columns to allow all information to be seen
  • be certain to format all cells as shown in the example
  • Create Header: (Your Name) LAB7 Date

    click here for a basic tutorial on Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft PowerPoint Competency

Design a PowerPoint presentation to include the following elements:

  • Slide background of your choosing
  • Title slide depicting this is your Computer Literacy Exam
  • Also include a slide with:
  • a hyperlink to your favorite website along with a description of that website
  • a graph of any type
  • some clip art and a description of why you choose that picture
  • Each slide should have a slide transition and at least one animation feature (this can be entrance, exit, motion, etc.)

    click here for a basic tutorial on Microsoft Powerpoint.

Internet & Email Competency

Email Gina Willems at and attach all of the assignments you have completed for this Competency Proficiency Assessment to the email.

Also in the body of the email list the URL of 4 websites that are the result of a search on for a subject that interests you.

Contact Tabor Wichita call 1 (800) 546-8616 for more information