Tabor College to add Computer Science major in fall 2024

Computer Science courses

Beginning in fall 2024, Tabor College will re-add computer science to its catalog of over 30 majors. It returns after previously being offered from 1983-2008.

The major is within the Science & Mathematics department and will require a new professor for the 2024 start date. Ryan Calvert, Ph.D., and Daniel Creamer, Ph.D., Al & Dotty Warkentine Professor of Mathematical Studies, will assist in forming the program.

Designed around four concentrations, the program will range from 45 to 60 credit hours, depending on the selection. The concentrations include software engineering, computer science, data science, and bioinformatics.

The newly-named major aligns with U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics data for the fastest-growing occupations. With ties to five of the top 15 occupations, the computer science major presents abundant opportunities for students entering the workplace. 

 “Strong job prospects and earnings opportunities make computer science a very attractive major,” President David Janzen, Ph.D., said. “Studying computer science in Tabor’s liberal arts and decidedly Christian context served me extremely well, and I am excited to reinvent the program with these creative and compelling concentrations.”

Through nine classes that will be added and the courses already in place, students will learn highly sought-after technical and communication skills for a rapidly growing field. 

Tabor added a major in data science & analytics in August 2023. After adding computer science and its four concentrations, the major will be data analytics.

“The addition of the computer science major will be instrumental in what we offer current and prospective students,” Creamer said. “We look forward to equipping our students with the skills they need to thrive in the marketplace.”