Tabor College reaches record enrollment for graduate courses

Tabor College hits graduate enrollment record
Pictured: Dr. Sarah Tham, Assistant Professor of Education; Dr. Melinda Rangel, Marvin Sellberg Professor of Business Administration & Entrepreneurship; Chris Pruitt, Interim Dean of Enrollment; Dr. Jim Moore, M.B.A. and Professor of Health & Human Performance; Dr. Frank Johnson, Provost; Lynette Bartsch, Online Academic Services Coordinator

HILLSBORO, KAN.— Tabor College reached record graduate enrollment, hitting 100 students for the first time. With an almost even split between M.B.A and M.Ed. enrollment, both programs are growing and expanding to reach even more students. The graduate students hail from 26 states and 12 countries.

“Reaching 100 students is a significant milestone for our graduate programs,” President David Janzen, Ph.D., said. “Students are discovering the value of our distinctive, high-quality M.B.A. and M.Ed. programs, and we’re honored to serve such a diverse group of postgraduate students.” 

With 468 students enrolled in undergraduate courses, Tabor reached 91 percent retention for the 2024 spring semester. 

“Outstanding retention directly reflects our hard-working faculty and staff,” Provost Frank Johnson, Ph.D., said. “Numbers of this caliber serve as a clear reminder of how God is using Tabor to cultivate the hearts and minds of our students. We’re privileged seeing it come to fruition.”

Tabor’s total SP24 enrollment is 623. That includes students enrolled and living on campus, 53 in dual-credit classes, and two online undergraduates. A fall-to-spring increase of 17 students led our graduate programming to its record-breaking 100 students. 

The next M.Ed. cohort will open May 13, while the M.B.A. starts on Aug. 19. To learn more about Tabor’s graduate programs, including course outlines, scholarships & financial aid, visit