Tabor College Board of Directors Met Virtually on May 1

The board of directors meeting, chaired by alumna, Susan Franz Koslowsky, was held virtually using ZOOM technology.  Thanks to the studio-like environment board members were able to engage and participate with presenters from the College administration. Breakout groups were used for committee meetings.

As expected, the COVID-19 pandemic and its realities, impact, and effect on Tabor College dominated the meeting. The Board approved unanimously that Tabor College will reopen in the Fall by the customary August start dates with mitigating strategies in place of deal with the corona virus reality. The decision was thoroughly vetted by the board with special concern for the Hillsboro community.

The board also

  • Approved 130 students for graduation in May. (19 from School of Liberal Arts, 88 from School Professional Studies, and 23 from School of Graduate Studies).
  • Approved the online tuition rates for 2020-21 year.
  • Elected Anna Glanzer to the board as student representative. 
  • Elected Wendell Loewen to the board as faculty representative.

President Jules Glanzer expressed appreciation for board members’ service: “I am thankful for the commitment and dedication of the board and the wisdom they shared as we discussed the effect of COVID-19 on Tabor. Their understanding and insights are deeply appreciated.”