Savage trusts God in growth as a student & resident assistant

Laura Savage

Laura Savage is always nutrition first. As a college softball player and aspiring nutritionist, eating well is a given. The soon-to-be Tabor College graduate places an even greater emphasis on how she feeds herself spiritually. That comes first as a Christ follower, but also knowing how it affects her role as a resident assistant.

The Florence, Kan., native is in her second year as a resident assistant. After overseeing one of the Townhouses and women’s campus homes in 2022-23, the junior is one of four students who help in Tabor’s newest campus housing, Jost Hall.

After transferring to Tabor halfway through her freshman year, Savage was encouraged by her then-RA, Lindsay Rader (g’22), to apply for the upcoming school year.

“I felt it was a great way to grow in my faith and to help my peers,” she said. “I had a lot of growth in my first year as an RA. My communication and leadership improved because you’re constantly around your peers. Whether someone needs to submit a facility request or have someone to talk to, I’ve really enjoyed those opportunities.”

Her dedication to her walk with God, studies and classmates has reminded Sara Sigley, director of residential education, why Savage is the perfect role model as Tabor ushers in a new era of housing.

“Laura carves time out of her busy schedule to get to know the students in her living area, and that time translates into a genuine care for each of her residents,” Sigley said. “Whether she connected quickly with residents or needed to work harder to develop trust with some, Laura is committed.”

After the Townhouses were moved to men’s housing for 2023-24, the opportunity to live in Jost Hall spoke to Savage, especially considering it was the inaugural year of Tabor’s newest residence hall.

When meeting with fellow Jost resident assistants Jacie Myers (JR, McPherson, Kan.), Livia Ensz (SO, Salem, Ore.) and Malorie Hein (SO, Hillsboro, Kan.), she found her “why.”

A like-minded group has made the year even smoother.

“We prayed over where the Lord would take us and tried to understand what obstacles we’d face,” Savage said. “We wanted to take it one day at a time and to live to a standard that the space deserves.”

As one of the building’s first resident assistants, Savage remembers seeing the drawings, blueprints, and “shell” as construction progressed over the previous year. The process has made the outcome even sweeter.

“It was great to see the blank canvas of an empty dorm,” Savage said. “We turned it into a super-welcoming space for everyone.”

Challenges have and will arise within her role, but her intake of scripture and God’s calling on her life continue to influence her relationships with the students she oversees.

“I try to read my Bible daily and go on walks in nature,” Savage said. “That really helps me connect with God. Especially in these past years of being a resident assistant, I have found the importance and the need to fill myself up to pour out to others. If you are empty, you are unable to help. The only way to fill yourself up is that time with God.”