Pre-Travel Car Check for Students

In preparation for the upcoming travel season over the holidays, Tabor’s Facilities Operations team will be opening their shop on Tuesday, Nov. 17, to perform free vehicle safety checks on students’ cars. This includes checking and setting tire pressures, checking and topping off fluids if necessary, and visually inspecting other major components.

The idea emerged after Terry Ens, Tabor’s director of facilities, saw so many vehicles in the student parking lots with low tires. As a former owner of a lube and tire shop in Wichita and knowing first hand how important it is to have cars checked out, he crafted the idea of offering this service to students free of charge.

Aaron Epp, who worked for Ens in his lube shop before joining Tabor’s facilities staff, also recognized this need. Both Ens and Epp are Tabor alumni.

“We care for our students and that they get home safely,” Ens said.  “We hope to keep them from getting stranded along the way.” 

This service allows students and parents to feel confident knowing their cars have been checked out, everything from tire pressure to coolant to battery cranking power—all essential for the vehicles to run well in the colder months. If something major is found, Ens and Epp can help the students connect with a local automotive shop if they choose to get it repaired before heading home.

“This service represents the high degree to which the College cares for the safety of students,” said Emir Ruiz-Esparza, dean of student life, learning and formation. “We pray that the students have a safe and enjoyable break, and we are already looking forward to everyone’s return in January.”