Deena Boese

What do you love about Tabor?

I deeply value the wonderful Christian community and sense of family at Tabor.

Hobbies & Interests

Graphic design, photography, minimalism, parrots, and playing the ukelele

Fun Fact

I used to be a sign language interpreter.

Family Background

My husband, Dallas, and I both grew up in Goessel so the majority of our extended family lives nearby which is wonderful. We live on a little farm outside of Goessel and have six children, five birds, twenty cats, and thirty-eight chickens. In addition to all of those heartbeats, we also enjoy feeding the approximate 14,837 fish (and six turtles) that live in our pond.


Miller-Motte Business College, Wilmington, North Carolina

Professional Experience

When I began my work at Tabor in 1998 with a small part-time 9-month position, I never imagined that Tabor would keep drawing me back again and again. Since then I’ve worked in various roles around the Tabor campus. While you’ll rarely see me on campus, I work behind the scenes managing the Admissions database and writing reports remotely from my home office.