A record-breaking class: Tabor hits a new high in freshman enrollment

Tabor freshmen walking into Lohrenz building.

Tabor College is celebrating back-to-back records for incoming freshman classes.

It took only one year to break its record of 171 freshmen. A total of 189 first-year students were enrolled and on campus as of Monday, Aug. 17 (subject to change).

“We’re rallying around the Tabor Promise and the Tabor Advantage,” Grant Myers, Tabor dean of enrollment management, said. “Our promotional tools and our visits have orchestrated what that brings to the table. It puts stories in front of our prospective students to what God is doing on our campus and it brings it to life.”

Myers pinpointed the talented and experienced coaching & recruiting staff that has been put in place, highlighting their drive for Tabor’s mission. He also said continuity in faculty has aided in the progression.

A key component inside the Tabor Advantage is All-Inclusive Pricing. This includes tuition, room, board, fees, accident insurance, and laundry in one price. It eliminates tuition overlord fees, credit card fees and typical college add-ons. It also allows students to acquire books at no cost.

 “Students understand what is expected and it relieves anxieties of what’s happening financially,” he said. “… it gains traction because they see that it’s unique to Tabor and that it’s a pretty awesome advantage.”

Tabor is also entering a new year of the Tabor 20 Scholarship. It brought 30 Mennonite Brethren students on campus during the fall 2020 semester. A new group of 14 Tabor 20 students arrived this month and the college is currently recruiting for year No. 3 (application deadline is Dec. 1, 2021).

Requirements for the Tabor 20 Scholarship include:

  • Student regularly attends a Mennonite Brethren church
  • Meet standard admissions criteria
  • Complete a campus visit (limited number of travel vouchers available for students living more than 300 miles away from Hillsboro)
  • Write an essay
  • Visit campus and complete interview

The record-breaking year has set the admission team’s eyes on new heights in 2022. Students are invited to attend on Friday, Oct. 29, and Monday, Nov. 8. Sign-ups for each session will be available soon.

What is the Tabor Promise?

We want to provide a compelling college experience.  Therefore, if you choose to attend Tabor, WE PROMISE you will:

Tabor Promise
  • Be encouraged to place Christ at the center of all you do. We are unashamedly Christian and when students come to Tabor, they will be presented with the claims of Christ and what it means to live life following him.
  • Be asked to pursue excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts. We will push students to excel in not only their sport, or in their artistic performing, but also in the classroom.  We have high expectations for our students.
  • Be prepared for the real world. Except for the dining hall where multiple food options and clean dishes are provided daily without having to do grocery shopping, we promise our students that they will be ready to assume responsibilities in the real world when they graduate.
  • Be made aware of your place in God’s kingdom. Our students will discover how they fit and belong in God’s great and grand world.

What is the Tabor Advantage?

We have created an advantage to attend Tabor that distinguishes us from other colleges, which is best described as real-world readiness, kingdom awareness.  If you choose to attend Tabor, your ADVANTAGE is:

Tabor Advantage
  • Understanding your career as a calling. When a student graduates, if Tabor has done its work, the students will see their career as a place to find their calling, meaning, and purpose in life.
  • Being able to obtain a double major in four years. Students will be able to graduate with a double major making them more marketable in their employment search and better equipped for success.  There are over 400 possibilities of double majors.
  • Having the opportunity to complete a degree in 3 years. If you come well prepared, you can graduate in three years, saving a year of tuition and student debt, plus gain an income for that year.  This is a $50,000+ advantage.  A good GPA will be rewarded by allowing you to add additional courses to the block tuition price at no additional charge.
  • Learning and practicing leadership. Students at Tabor have the opportunity to learn and practice leadership in a variety of settings and student organizations and leadership programs.  Becoming a person of influence is an important outcome at Tabor.
  • Paying an All-Inclusive Price. Tuition, room, board, fees, accident insurance, laundry are all included in one price. The All-Inclusive Price includes the elimination of tuition overload fees, credit card fees, and a host of typical college add-ons. In addition, Tabor is providing students all books for all classes at no cost.