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All business majors are required to have a supervised internship with an employer as a part of their degree program. This takes thought and working with employers to best match your interests with the interests of the employer.

  • Because it is difficult to quickly set up internships with employers, it is required that you fill out the application below for an internship by mid semester prior to your internship.  (Nov. 1 for Interterm or spring, April 1 for summer and July 1 for fall)
  • You will need to schedule an interview with the instructor responsible for the internship program within the same time frame.
  • The application below can be submitted two semesters in advance of when the applicant wishes to apply for an internship.
  • All internships and job requirements/projects must be approved by the instructor responsible for the internship program.
  •  It is recommended that students find their own internships with the approval of the instructor responsible for the internship program.

It is up to the employer as to whether there is pay involved with the internship. There are possible internships available on Tabor’s campus, including an intern post for the internship program every semester. Additional information on completion requirements and grading of internships is available in the Tabor Business Department.


Tristen Long
Tristen Long

​”My internship with Waters True Value proved to be priceless. It wasn’t about the pay or simply earning credit for my degree, but it was learning new skills that will shape the rest of my life. This internship helped me understand new areas of business, and resulted in a full-​time position following graduation.​”​

Application for Internship

  • It is recommended that the student find his/her own internship with the approval of the instructor responsible for the internship program.
  • Email your academic schedule to your professor for the semester that you are enrolling as an intern, as well as any activity schedules.