Student Success

Student Success is passionate about helping students succeed. Thus, we are here to support you through this new transition of going to remote, online learning. All of our resources are still available, such as: tutoring, academic mentoring, disability student services, career assistance, virtual learning skills, and technology support. Click the Student Success link to find out more about how to access each resource.

Spiritual Formation

Our Spiritual Formation programs are designed to cultivate an environment for spiritual growth on our campus. The primary way we promote this is through regularly scheduled chapels each Monday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and all the stress of transitioning to online classes, we have decided to suspend our chapel requirement for this semester. That means everyone enrolled in chapel this semester will pass chapel! Congratulations!

Since one of our Core Values is Christ-centeredness,  there are several ways in which we plan to continue to offer opportunities to grow and stay connected on The Journey of your spiritual life. Click the Spiritual Formation link to find out more about how to access each resource.

Residence Life

Although students are no longer living on campus the remainder of the semester, we want to support you as we close this academic year and look forward to when we can reunite through your residential experience again. Click the Residence Life link to find out more about move-out timeline/procedures, 2020-2021 housing sign-up process, and ways to stay connected with those in your living area.