David Moss

What do you remember most about your first moments as a Tabor College student?

“What I remember most was the environment and community already here. I remember I locked myself out of my room and asked my Coach to send me the number for security as I was accustomed to having it at my previous schools. He then told me that there was no security, and at first, I was surprised and confused. However, as I continued my time at Tabor, I realized that security was unnecessary and that the staff and faculty cared more about the students than any hired hand could.”

What is your major & what led you to that program and discipline?

“I am majoring in Adaptive Ministry Leadership. I spent many years changing my degree at different colleges. I started as a Business Administration major and then went to Social Work. After this, I changed it to a Communications degree and then Coaching until I got to Tabor. Once I got here, I wanted to focus my studies on learning more about Jesus and the theology of my faith. I was interested in cultivating my leadership abilities, and it was the perfect opportunity.”

How has God transformed your life on campus? 

“God has radically changed my relationship with Him as I have always viewed our relationship as one I need to earn. I thought what I did would earn His love and keep me in the right standing with Him. However, through the family of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I identified this flaw within my mindset and sought out what I’m supposed to be. Since then, I have been able to strip off all performance-based actions that lead me to try and earn love. I have been able to not only understand my purpose (Love God and love others like myself). I have come to know my assignment, which is to make people feel seen, heard, known, and loved through the way I care for and treat them.

As you prepare for your final months as a Tabor student, what do you look forward to doing most? 

“I look forward to staying in touch with the many people I have built such great relationships with. I cannot wait to touch base with them and see how God works in and through them. I get excited about seeing people I love and care about get opportunities and feel like they live a life of purpose and intentionality. After graduation, I will marry my lovely fiance, Emma, and begin our life together on the road within Chick-fil-A’s Leadership Development Program.”

Casle Heger

What brought you to Tabor College? 

“I had played piano for almost 14 years, and it was my junior year of high school. I went to a regional competition and got a “I” rating. That moved me to state, and I got a “II” that year. I wanted to try again as a senior and got a “I” at both regionals and state. Dr. (Sheila) Litke was my judge at state, and she informed me that I had a scholarship at Tabor to pursue piano and music if I wanted it. I love my family, so I wanted to stay closer to home. I also have a younger sister, and I wanted to be able to celebrate her achievements.”

How did you choose to pursue music in college?

“I ended up majoring in Business Administration (Marketing) and minoring in music, but I didn’t want to stop playing piano because I believe it is a gift God gave me.

What activities were you involved with at Tabor, and what made them special? 

“I was involved in Share, Prayer & Dare, and Contemporary Christian Music. I met one of my best friends through CCM, and we remain close friends. We made a lot of road trips and got to play at different schools. We’d spend a lot of time in the van together, and it was fun to have such similar, like-minded people together. Every time we stepped on stage, we’d realize some students in the crowd may not have a relationship with Jesus or were working on it. We’d carry that thought and wanted to help bring them closer to Jesus.”

What are your plans after graduating? 

“I’m now in culinary school. My family owns a restaurant in my hometown, and I’d always joke I’d go to culinary school. Going through high school, I was all over the place. I found a new school in Wichita. It’s a two-year program. As of now, I plan to be a private chef for families or start small with a restaurant. It’s so cool to cook great food, and after a long day, you want a great meal to come home to. We’ll see what happens.”

Caleb Rempel

What did you study at Tabor College? 
“I majored in Adaptive Ministry Leadership. Dr. Wendell Loewen showed us what it looked like to lead a church, and I wish I could go back and do it again. He has seen what we aspire to do, and the internships I was able to do helped me a lot. The connection with the professors here is special.”
Why did you choose to add Psychology as a second major? 
“There are a lot more mental needs in the world. Everybody loves Professor (Jim) Paulus. The way that he teaches and the way he understands his students is unique. He can relate to students and make it simple enough for everyone to feel they have a grip on the subject.”
What made your Tabor experience most special? 
“I wish I could take more classes. I love being on Tabor’s campus. It is an environment and atmosphere you can’t get back after you leave. Living in a community with other people your age and the same goals is an awesome experience.”
Having grown up in Hillsboro, how did that shape your time at Tabor? 
“It was like a transition to a new town, but with all the resources of a place you know all around you. It doesn’t feel like you’re complacent or settling. When you move into the dorms, it’s a new community. It was awesome having my church community and my family in town. If you’re a Hillsboro student and you visit Tabor, view it as a different town. You will love it and see something special.”

Jazmin Sandoval

Now planning to become a graduate assistant for women’s soccer, what stands out when you reflect on moving here for the first time? 
“My motives for coming here were different than what kept me here. I came because of my major, sport, and it was Christ-centered. I got injured my freshman year, so that was hard. What encouraged me to stay was the community I found here would be hard to find at another college. It was God’s plan, and I trusted what he wanted for me. I’m happy and proud, and I wouldn’t change anything.”
What will you remember most about your undergraduate classes?
“I’ll never forget the support my professors gave me. I don’t know if I would have had the same opportunities at a bigger school. Our professors strive to give us the best to give us the exposure to grow. DECA, in particular, helped me show what I learned and represent the department and the school.”
What was most meaningful about being a part of Tabor women’s soccer? 
“The soccer program has helped me grow in my faith with the experiences and challenges I had as a player. It’s also all the memories. It’s hard to describe the memories you’ll make with your teammates on and off the field. Those are memories you’ll carry and cherish forever.”
What are your goals for your postgraduate work at Tabor College?
“I wanted to learn and experience more. An M.B.A. was a great first step, and Tabor was a great opportunity since it’s a school I already know. Being a graduate assistant helps financially support that goal. I also wanted to stay around the sport that I love.”



Natalie Ford

What do you remember most from your first days as a Bluejay? 
“I was first recruited my junior year by Ian Thomson, my head coach. I hadn’t really been looking to play soccer in college. He found me, brought me to campus, and I absolutely loved the small campus feel. I love being able to say hi to anyone as they walk by. I didn’t know what I wanted to do for my degree, but I loved how personal my professors were.”
Tell us about finding your passion and becoming a triple major in Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Social Work. 
“My senior year in high school, I got involved in a program where we learned about suicide prevention, sexual assault, and human trafficking. My favorite thing is empowering kids to have a voice and know they have an advocate for them. They may not have the same opportunities to be successful, and I want to empower them to find that. It’s a broad field, but restorative justice is something I’m definitely passionate about.”
How did the Tabor community best support you in your four years on campus? 
“I like being out on campus, making a difference, and enjoying what Tabor offers. I love the community aspect on campus and with our soccer program. My coach was the one who baptized me, so Tabor has had a huge impact on my spiritual journey.”
What are your plans after graduation?
“This summer, I’ll be working as a camp counselor. I run a special program through The Navigators in Colorado Springs, Colo. I’ll be backpacking all summer with kids, enjoying my last adventure before the fall and beginning work. I’ll also be doing graduate school online starting in August.

Kierra Shewey

What did you enjoy most about being a double major?

“I want to work in business, but having psychology has helped me understand people and their behavior. I love the professors in both majors, so I’ve expanded my networking from both sides.”
What made your friendship at Tabor most special? 
“A lot of my friends now, their parents also went to Tabor. It’s really cool to have that connection even though we’ve never lived close to each other. We talk all summer, and we hang out over breaks. We make time to see each other, and it’s a lot of fun.”
What stands out in looking at your time as a Bluejay?
“Looking back at my freshman year, I didn’t know what was coming. It was hard at times, but I’m grateful for it. You sometimes have to go through stuff for God to take you where He wants you to go. I’m thankful for the people I’ve met through the college, community, and church. They’ve given me such great opportunities.”
Tell us about working with Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk & Loyd LCC (in McPherson, Kan.) and what else is ahead.

“Over Christmas Break last year, I chose to get an M.B.A. at Tabor. I also had a different job offer but didn’t feel it was right. I met this firm at the Career Fair last fall, and I wasn’t even set to talk to them, but my professor said, ‘Why don’t you talk to them? They don’t have anyone else in this slot.’ They were really cool, and they set up an interview later on. It was unexpected but a huge relief.”

Kierra Shewey

Mallory Ediger

Q: What did you enjoy most about participating in performing arts? 
“Everyone has the same goal. In college, you come specifically to do that one major or hobby. Choir and theatre are everyone’s passions that come together. It’s meaningful because we all want it to be fun but professional. We love putting together quality shows, and it’s exciting to be a part of what these shows become.”
Q: What can you share about your upcoming business in Hillsboro?
“It was a crazy opportunity. I planned both of my sister’s weddings, and they got married the year after that began. I loved event planning and facilitating all the details for the weddings. I started doing it for other Tabor students, so I got my foot in the door that way. I was looking for office space because I had a lot of wedding materials that took over my parents’ basement. We bought a building, and it has been perfect to move toward being a boutique and have an office in that location. We don’t have to remodel anything either.”
Q: What would “freshman Mallory” have thought about owning a business? 
“She would have thought about starting a business, selling it, and then doing corporate life. I got in my foot in the door with event planning, but I was more focused on moving to a big city and doing bigger business. I am not as equipped for that as I thought but that’s okay. I’m on the right track now.”
Q: What has been most special about your four years at Tabor?
“My theatre friends are my closest friends and best connections. It’s just not the same when you leave a cohort like that. I could still do community theatre, and I’d like to pursue that eventually, but it’s just not the same as the people you’ve grown and go through a program like this together. It’s a lot of lifelong friendships.”

Millie Sechrist

Q: What made Communications & Adaptive Ministry Leadership right for you?
“I came in with Communications & Ministry and thought it could because I wasn’t totally sure what I would do. I fell in love with both programs, so I stuck with them. I loved my classes, so I can see myself doing different aspects of those classes.”
Q: What do you hope to pursue with your degree?
“I’d like to serve in communications at a church. I do a newsletter for my church, so that would be a cool combo to do both. I’d also enjoy doing social media for a ministry or non-profit.”
Q: What do you remember most about your first days on campus? 
“It’s so crazy realizing that I grew up here and spent so much time at Tabor events. Being on campus felt really comfortable to me. I remember some of my classmates being nervous on their first day, and I felt some of that too, but I was able to help them know where things were. It was fun thinking about how this is where my grandparents, parents, and some of my siblings went to school.”
Q: Having grown up in Hillsboro, how did that shape your time at Tabor? 
“I enjoyed being involved in my church and serving in the youth group. I got to participate in events at the high school and stay connected to the Hillsboro and Tabor communities. I was able to be a part of whatever activities I wanted to be a part of. I always loved when Tabor students were youth group sponsors, so I enjoyed giving back to students like that.”