Megan Staats, junior

“Last year, I felt like God was calling me to do something, and I didn’t know what it was. The next few weeks I was thinking of different things, but none of them felt right. And then I sort of forgot about it. But one night at Share Prayer & Dare (SP&D-a student led worship gathering), they announced that they were looking for a slot to be filled. And God was like, ‘You should go ask somebody,’ but I was like, ‘No, maybe later.’ Finally, at the end of the night, He would not let me walk away without talking to someone, so I said, ‘OK, I’ll ask.’ Apparently, they had prayed specifically for somebody to come up and ask that night. They really needed a female vocalist and preferably a freshman. So I was really super surprised that I was an answer to a prayer. My experience at Tabor has helped me learn to listen to God and I’ve seen how he can use me and work through me.”




Megan singing




Jordan shooting basketball

Jordan Horstick, graduate student

“When I visited Tabor, it felt like the right place. I didn’t really have an idea of what I wanted to do, but I wanted to play basketball, and Tabor provided me the opportunity to do that on a good team. Through basketball, I’ve been able to play with teammates from all over the country and hear their stories. I think being able to relate to people and know where they come from and why they do certain things is a part of basketball that carries over into other areas of life, too. Tabor’s been a good place, and the biggest part of that has been the people. Some of my favorite moments here have been talking with people at church after games. It’s cool to see that people in the community are involved with your life, and being surrounded by this Christ-like community has allowed me to grow in my faith individually.”

Noeli Saenz, sophomore

“Originally, I had never heard of Tabor. Being a pre-vet student, I was looking at colleges that had those specific programs, but at a college fair, I decided to talk to a Tabor admissions counselor. The way he talked about Tabor and the way he asked me questions and wanted to know more about me and what I wanted to do, it was the most genuine experience that I’ve probably ever had. If I could describe my Tabor experience in one word, it would be plentiful. I’ve found God in many places, so I have plenty of God. I have plenty of friends. I have plenty of love from everybody. And I have plenty of homework from all of my classes, that’s for sure. Just being surrounded by such godly people who not only talk about their faith openly, but live their faith, and seeing how they live their life and how I could live my life, it touches my heart right in the pumper.”




Noeli photo

Lewis plays soccer



Lewis Furmenger, senior

“I came to Tabor because I wanted to play soccer and get my degree at the same time, which isn’t an opportunity that’s available in New Zealand. I’ve made friends here that I know I’m going to have in my life for a long time. Especially since I’m so far away from home, I’ve learned how to be responsible for myself, and I’ve learned to value my emotional and spiritual relationships more than physical situations and objects. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever really had a bad day at Tabor College.”

Katherine Coleman, senior

“When I was in high school, I was such an introvert, but then being here and being surrounded by this community of people who are so supportive, I feel like I’ve come out of my shell. I’ve been empowered to do things that I would never have considered before. I really believe I was supposed to be at Tabor. And I think everybody who is at Tabor is called to be here, and that’s why the community is so great. That’s why everybody’s personal relationships are so strong, because this is where we were divinely appointed to be.”

Katherine smiles for camera


Alyssa smiles for camera

Alyssa Abbott, December 2018 graduate

“My Tabor story has been full of opportunities for memories and building relationships with so many people. If you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone and invest in relationships, you’ll reap what you sow. I knew Tabor was a place that held a lot of potential for me, and I realized early on through playing volleyball in the rain with people I had never met before that opportunity is out there if you take advantage of it. My role as a resident assistant has been a crucial part of my time here at Tabor and has really shaped my perspective and outlook on life. When you make an effort to challenge yourself in new ways, you will grow in ways you never expected.”

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