Studio Classes

Private Music Lessons (not refundable)

Full- or Part-time student enrolled for credit

$220 per credit hour of lesson

Course-Related Fees (not refundable)

Student Teaching
Required of student teachers – $200 per semester

Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio Fee
Required of students on track to be student teachers – $25 per semester for 4 semesters

College Learning Studies Skills
$150 per semester

Photography Class Camera Rental (includes sales tax)
$35 per semester

Theatre Courses (includes sales tax)
$20 per semester

Ceramics Class Fee
$50 per semester

Medical Technology Fee
$25 per semester

P.E. and Athletic Training Fees
$15-50 per semester

Intro to Education (includes sales tax)

$50 per placement

ED 419 Background Check
$25 per year

RS110 and PL110 (Includes sales tax)
$40 per semester

Graphic Design Majors
$45 per semester

Natural Sci. Lab Course Fee
$45 per semester

Intercultural Development Inventory (Specified courses)
$8 per semester

General Ed Classes

TC101/RS100 (not refundable, includes sales tax)
$22 per semester

Other Fees

Per Incurrence Fees (not refundable)

Admissions Application Fee

Portfolio Assessment
$100 per hour

Challenge a Class Examination Fee
$100 per hour attempted

Late Financial Settlement Fee (also failure to pay minimum deposit)

Mandatory Student Accident Plan Fee
$280 per year

Student Senate Fee
$140 per year

Course Change Fee (at end of add/drop period)

Delinquent Account Fee
1% of outstanding balance charged monthly

Transcript Fee
$15 if processed in Registrar’s Office


Electronic Transcript Initiative
$6 plus applicable transmission fees

Diploma Re-order Fee

Technology Fee (per semester, not refundable)
Students taking 10 or more hours: $200
1-9 hours (per hour): $20

Audit Fee
$160 per course

Final Exam Rescheduling Fee
$300 per exam

Chapel readings Fee