Tutoring Application

Application for those seeking academic tutoring assistance.
    All tutoring will be located in the Tutoring Center on the main floor of the library.
  • example: Biology 101 - Dr. Smith
  • PLEASE READ: I will contact my tutor to set up a time to meet with him/her for my tutoring sessions during the Tutoring Center hours - Sunday-Thursday from 7-10 pm. I understand that the Tutoring Center also has an "on duty" schedule with people available right then and there to help with tutoring, so I don't need to have an appointment set up to receive tutoring. I will attend all scheduled 1-on-1 tutoring appointments. If I am running late I will contact my tutor 15 minutes before our scheduled appointment. Tutors will only wait 15 minutes after the scheduled 1-on-1 session before it's considered a "no show." If I cannot attend the scheduled 1-on-1 session I will provide my tutor at least one hour before the session. If I do not contact my tutor it will be considered a no show. Only two no shows allowed before being dismissed from the tutoring program for the semester. I will log in and out using the iAttended app so that the Student Success Office can accurately track my hours. I will complete my class assignments before coming to my tutoring session. I will bring any necessary materials and specific questions for my tutor. I will not expect my tutor to do my work for me. I will be respectful of my tutor by staying on task, turning off my cell phone, paying attention, and focusing on what they are teaching. I recognize that my tutor is responsible for contacting the Student Success office if they feel I am not upholding this contract. I agree to communicate with my tutor and the Student Success office regarding questions or concerns that I have about tutoring. If I no longer feel I need a scheduled 1-on-1 tutoring time, I will notify the Student Success office. At the end of the semester, I agree to fill out a survey regarding my tutoring experience.