The generosity of the Tabor community has inspired me over my 13-plus years serving as president. Repeatedly, our people have risen to the challenge and generously contributed their hard-earned money to see the vision and mission of Tabor become a reality. This will be my final letter requesting a gift from you.

Because of your gifts, students have experienced life transformation.  Please meet one of the students that your gifts have impacted… Andy Kinser – a senior majoring in graphic design, a musician and soon-to-be graduate.  He understands the sacrifices and investments that donors have made to enable him to complete his degree at Tabor. 

“I want to be Kingdom focused and productive in my drive and discipline,” Kinser said. “The scholarships I’ve received have helped me significantly in paying for school. The less debt I have to worry about when starting my life outside of school, the easier it is to focus on finishing my degree.”

You are an encouragement and a blessing to Andy and other students.  He’ll graduate soon, but our work is not done.  We need your generous gift now to help keep Tabor thriving beyond this school year.  Will you send a gift by June 30 to help fulfill our mission for each student?

With joy,

Jules Glanzer, President

P.S. To help our students thrive and fill our need of $250,000, click below to give now.

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