Teichler pens Tabor fight song

Dr. Chris Teichler Tabor College band professor

With nearly 50 compositions to his name, R. Christopher Teichler, D.M., stepped into new territory in 2023.

In his sixth year as associate professor of music and director of instrumental music, Teichler wrote and composed Tabor’s first original fight song, “Fly to Victory.”

As he finished his fourth year at Tabor in spring 2023, Teichler’s ‘a-ha’ moment came as he realized the pep band was playing a fight song written for a different school. With his experience in composition, he chose to put his skills to the test in a new genre and write lyrics for the first time.

He said he listened to countless fight songs, wanting to understand the fundamental elements that made these songs stand out and remain timeless at their respective institutions.

Through each step, one theme remained true through his writing.

“I wanted it to be Tabor’s song more than mine,” Teichler said.

He compiled a list of words and phrases he knew he wanted in the lyrics, and in just two short months, his final writing and composition were complete. Teichler put pencil to paper with about ten versions before he completed his final rendition.

“I played a computer demo for them and they were excited about it,” Teichler said of telling his band students. “It was exciting because it was ‘our’ fight song.”

Before kickoff at the first football game, public address announcer Nate Howard shared that Teichler and the Bluejay pep band would be debuting “Fly to Victory.”

It was a satisfying milestone in Teichler’s career, understanding the song would be a part of current and future generations of Tabor students.

“I’m glad I could contribute something that will live longer than my time here,” Teichler said.