TC School of Adult and Graduate Studies announces fast-track RN-BSN program

Tabor College Wichita School of Adult and Graduate Studies announces the creation of an abbreviated RN-BSN program for practicing nurses across the country. The 15-month program now includes five-week online classes, allowing nurses to continue working full-time while completing their Bachelor of Science degree program. The fast-track RN-BSN program begins in January 2019.

Tabor, a faith-based institution known as “decidedly Christian, academically excellent,” has listened to its audience and is being responsive by modifying the curriculum to ensure the needs of the students are met for the future.

Tabor’s experienced instructors have prepared an advanced curriculum, featuring synchronous online sessions for opportunities to interact with their students. Students take three courses per term — but one at a time. This allows the student to focus their attention on one subject at a time.

For many students, a BSN is a stepping stone to move toward a master’s program. Tabor is offering these five-week modules to accommodate students’ current lifestyles as busy nurses.

“This change allows students to move through their program quicker, a recommendation many prospective students have made to us in the last couple of years,” said Tom Shaw, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Dean of the School of Adult and Graduate Studies.

For more information, contact Dr. Tammy Stefek, director of Nursing Programs, at 316-729-6333.