Tabor Students Reflect on Finishing the Semester with Remote Classes

Tabor faculty have made considerable modifications to their course delivery this semester to cope with the effects of COVID-19.

“With barely more than a week to prepare, the faculty have done an incredible job of moving all our courses to an emergency remote teaching format,” said Frank Johnson, academic dean. “I am so pleased with the ways I have seen faculty going the extra mile to assist students through much uncertainty.”

But it hasn’t been easy.

Students have encountered equally challenging adjustments. Teaching and learning methods, tools and presence in class all look very different. Many students have been adjusting to these changes fairly well.

“I think that online is a bit more self-involved and self-driven because you have to stay on top of your work and stay motivated to do it,” said Jocelyne Van Meter, a freshman.

With face-to-face classes no longer an option, some students are “social distancing” from their professors and classmates from as far away as California, Indonesia and Uruguay. Students who are new to the college experience could never have imagined what this semester would look like.

Christopher Espinoza, a psychology and criminal justice major at Tabor, is keeping a positive attitude.

“With everything going on during this COVID-19 epidemic, there has been a lot of tough changes and adjustments for many of us,” Espinoza said. “But having the opportunity to still finish out the rest of my senior year at Tabor College and receive my degree has been a huge blessing. We have great professors who have responded well to the transition to online in a way where I can still learn the essential knowledge and tools that I need in my field of study. We are all making the best out of what we have to work with and will continue to do so for the time being. It is pretty awesome to see Christ at work during tough times such as these.”

Please continue to pray for our faculty and students as they complete this semester.