Tabor College Staff Receive Service and Medallion Awards

Special recognition was given to employees of Tabor College on Tuesday, May 26, at the special drive-thru appreciation event held on the Shari Flaming Performing Arts center patio. Service and medallion awards recipients were honored by the President and Vice Presidents.

Service Awards

25 years
David Kroeker
Chris Glanzer

20 years
Sheila Litke
Shin-hee Chin

15 years
Erin Barocio

10 years
Ron Braun
Carri Carlson
Frank Johnson
Becky Nuss
Shawn Reed
Tammy Stefek
Tim Unruh
Kim Wiens

5 years
Dino Diaz
David Ediger
CJ Hill
Leroy Just
Leah Remboldt
Jen Stephenson
Peter Walker
Dana Wright

Medallion Awards

Misty Kahrs: From Mike James, V.P. of Business and Finance

Most of us have forgotten that Misty took over her role in June of last year.  During this year, she has cleaned up (both literally and figuratively) her area of responsibility, straightened out the payment of state taxes, complied with government regulations, completed survey after survey, completed two audits, and most importantly, made sure everyone was paid on time and correctly — all while juggling (since April) the conversion to a new payroll system (to be effective July 1).  Moreover, she has done this without a single complaint; instead, she has embraced every challenge.  The results are a testament to her professional abilities and work ethic.

Di Oborny: From Ron Braun, V.P. of Philanthropy and Tom Shaw, V.P. of Advancement

Di Oborny epitomizes creativity and innovation. It is in her job description, but she embodies it. Along with loyalty, responsibility and diligence, Di gets the job done with good results, good relationships, and positive reviews from clients. Her project list is quite expansive and she does well at managing it. From performing arts posters, to post-it notes, t-shirt designs, to magazines, to fundraising appeal letters, to admissions recruiting brochures, to JayDay stickers – she gives each a creative eye to connect well with the intended audience and to represent Tabor in an innovative manner.

Michael Klaassen: From Ron Braun, V.P. of Philanthropy and Tom Shaw, V.P. of Advancement

Mike Klaassen

Mike has been generous with his ideas, talent, time and response to others’ ideas – all to advance Tabor College. He is very positive and open to move out of norms and consider new ways to look at things and to create an abundance of energy to fascinate those who will behold the result. His work with video this past 18 months has added a new element of engagement to our college promotional efforts.

Troy Quenzer: From Rusty Allen, Executive V.P. of Operations

Troy Quenzer

The Tabor College medallion is given to Head Athletic Trainer Troy Quenzer for outstanding leadership that has shaped a positive culture in our athletic training room leading to excellent care and treatment of our student-athletes. Troy’s leadership has also produced significant health-care cost savings through empowering and holding accountable for the athletic training staff. Congratulations and thank you, Troy.

Jim Moore: From Rusty Allen, Executive V.P. of Operations

The Tabor College medallion is given to Assistant Athletic Trainer and Professor of Health and Human Performance Jim Moore. When one imagines the kind of positive attitude, work ethic and team player that benefits an organization, Jim’s name comes to mind immediately. This past year brought a great deal of change in Jim’s area of service. He communicated from the beginning that he would step up to whatever was needed and he followed through admirably. Jim’s efforts provided mentoring, leadership and productivity all while epitomizing what it means to be hospitable. Thank you, Jim, for modeling the Golden Rule and congratulations.

Emir Ruiz Esparza: From Rusty Allen, Executive V.P. of Operations

The Tabor College medallion is given to Dean of Student Life, Learning and Formation for leading with excellence, empowering his team and innovation. When the COVID-19 Crisis Management Team started its work in March of this year, it became immediately evident that our student life department would need to adapt in significant ways. One of those was getting our students moved out of their rooms in a way that would provide a reasonable degree of safety and satisfy the regulatory agencies we are accountable to. Emir’s deliberative and collaborative spirit resulted in a model plan for accomplishing “Move Out” and we are happy to report that nearly every student is now out of his or her room. Thank you, Emir, for your innovative approach to leading in crisis and congratulations.

Greg Zielke: From Rusty Allen, Executive V.P. of Operations

The Tabor College medallion is given to Professor of Vocal Music and Performing Arts Director Dr. Greg Zielke for creativity and innovation. Greg has given leadership to the Shari Flaming Center for the Arts Concert Series, a refocused effort on fundraising for the performing arts and launching the Tabor Performing Arts Hall of Fame. Along with colleagues and alumni, these and other initiatives have increased excellence and hospitality on our campus. Additionally, Greg has collaborated with others in an effort to produce integrated choir performance with all of the members limited to remote recording. The result of this effort will be made available to the entire community soon. Thank you, Greg, and congratulations.

Rick Bartlett and Reuven Isaac: From Frank Johnson, Executive V.P. of Academic Affairs

Rick Barlett
Rick Bartlett
Reuven Isaac

On behalf of all your colleagues within Academic Affairs, I would like to bring special recognition to Rick Bartlett and Reuven Isaac for their truly herculean efforts as we pivoted in one week from a residential college to one that was delivering emergency remote instruction. I am convinced we would not have gotten through this season as successfully without them. In addition to fielding countless calls and questions, they were creative in finding new resources with which we could provide a stable teaching and learning environment. Finally, they gave more of their time through weekly “R&R Office Hours” which were open to all faculty to learn tips and tricks, as well as brainstorm as a group (and occasionally simply commiserate). For this excellent above and beyond service, we all say a hearty thank you.

The Crisis Management Team: From President Jules Glanzer

Frank Johnson
Frank Johnson
Rusty Allen
Michael James
Michael James
Tom Shaw
Tom Shaw
Ron Braun
Ron Braun
Ens Terry
Terry Ens
Emir Ruiz Esparza
Marty Ziesemer

I want to honor a group of people that rose to the occasion during this past year as we experienced the COVID-19 disruption. The Crisis Management Team, led by Frank Johnson, did an outstanding job of leading us through the time of crisis. Their collective wisdom, attention to detail, and diligence in honoring the values of Tabor College made the myriad transition details a positive experience for the Tabor community. My thanks to each of them for their dedication, commitment and leadership.