Tabor College releases 2021 fall dean's list

Tabor College has announced its fall 2021 dean’s list, honoring a total of 183 students who achieved a GPA of 3.5 to 4.0. Any grade of NC (no credit) or U (unsatisfactory) automatically disqualifies a student from the dean’s list. Students with an incomplete will not be included in the published list but will be eligible for transcripted dean’s list honors.

All selected students are placed within the following lists.

Highest honors… 3.85-4.00 GPA
High honors… 3.70-3.849 GPA
Honors… 3.50-3.699 GPA

See the full dean’s list here.

Fall dean’s list by graduating class

Highest honors: 14
High honors: 2
Honors: 7

Highest honors: 20
High honors: 10
Honors: 10

Highest honors: 19
High honors: 7
Honors: 14

Highest honors: 43
High honors: 25
Honors: 12