Tabor College Releases 2017 Spring Semester Dean’s List

Tabor College logoHILLSBORO, Kan. – Tabor College released the 2017 spring semester Deans’ List. The entire list includes 14 freshmen, 45 sophomores, 58 juniors and 76 seniors for a total of 193 students. In order to make the Dean’s List a student must earn between a 3.5 and a 4.0 grade point average (GPA).

Students earning a 3.85-4.00 GPA received highest honors: 6 freshmen, 19 sophomores, 35 juniors and 58 seniors.

Students earning a 3.70-3.849 GPA received high honors: 3 freshmen, 12 sophomores, 10 juniors and 12 seniors.

Students earning a 3.50-3.699 GPA received honors: 5 freshmen, 14 sophomores, 13 juniors and 6 seniors.

Frank Johnson, vice president for academics, praised the students for their classroom achievements through the spring semester.

“Tabor’s students have shown they want to excel academically,” Johnson said. “Our faculty enjoy seeing their students rise to new challenges to achieve their educational goals. We are especially proud of our seniors who continue to stay engaged in studies while being pulled in many directions so close to graduation.”

SP17 Dean’s List – Tabor College