Tabor College Arts Hall of Fame

Over the years, Tabor College has frequently showcased students and coaches who have excelled in athletic endeavors. Soon, the spotlight will shine on the professors and graduates who have excelled in the arts.

“The Arts Hall of Fame was conceived along with the Shari Flaming Center for the Arts, said Arts Director Greg Zielke. “President Glanzer approached me pretty early on with this dream of starting it.  When the Athletic Hall of Fame received its new video display, then it was thought, let’s do the same thing with the Arts Hall of Fame – to have a nice display that people can begin to see the whole history of the arts.”

The video display is installed and is a beautiful way for people to explore the history of the arts at Tabor College.  The Arts Hall of Fame will highlight the contributions of Tabor College professors and graduates in choral and vocal music, instrumental music, visual arts, and theatre.  The Induction Ceremony will honor the inductees with an award and their story in the video display.  The Induction Ceremony is open to the public.  Come enjoy the memories and honor these faithful and talented men and women.

These are the inductees for the inaugural class.

  • A. R. Ebel, Visual Arts
  • Malinda Nikkel, Theatre
  • Jack Braun, Theatre
  • Carl Gerbrandt, Opera/Voice
  • Jonah Kliewer, Choral/Voice
  • Lonn Richards, Band
  • Herbert Richert, Choral
  • Paul Wohlgemuth, Choral

Save the date: The Induction Ceremony/Celebration is August 29, Richert Auditorium, 7:00 PM, free and open to the public.  Reception to follow.