Tabor College Announces Plans to Reopen

Tabor College has announced plans to reopen in the weeks ahead, based on a campus-wide communication today by President Jules Glanzer.  

During the next six weeks, Tabor will gradually resume operations in phases in compliance with the Governor’s most recent orders. Tabor also plans on being fully open in fall. 

Glanzer noted, “The Lord willing, Tabor College intends to be open in fall on time with on-ground classes, online classes, athletic competitions, performing arts activities, and residential housing available for students. The board of directors at their May 1 meeting, unanimously approved that Tabor College open in the fall by the customary August start dates with mitigating strategies in place to deal with the coronavirus reality, enabling us to serve our various constituencies. We are planning and preparing to serve our students, employees, community, guests, and vendors in a safe, acceptable, and reasonable way. The health, safety, and welfare of the Tabor community is our top priority.” 

The President stated that a Scenario Planning Team will begin planning this week for a fall reopening. “The administration and board are in agreement with this gradual reopening and are looking forward to the opportunity to serve our new and continuing students starting in August,” Glanzer concluded.